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Isone Pro - the best thing you could ever get for your headphones on your computer

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by lunatique, Feb 22, 2010.
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  1. Chodi
    Thanks relopez for the information. My version is a few months old and does not have that box. No matter all the functions are the same I just use the default view.  I will have to download that version and see if there are any other differences but I'm real happy with what I have.
    Edit: Just a thought - are you using this on a Mac? Maybe that is the difference?
  2. DarKen23
    Nice! I can relate to your statement, and in my opinion the TB isone truly works wonders on the LCD2. I was able to get rid of the "wall of sound", allowing for a much larger presentation. Once I had it calibrated, TB isone was always being used regardless of what I was listening to.

    Having the HD800, I find myself using the program only for 16/44 recordings. For everything higher, I prefer not to use it--as it alters the midrange more than I'd like.
  3. staalf
    I have discovered Isone a few days ago. Used a lot of settings, but found a setting that I really like and I think it is a good starting point for newbies. It is the average Joe setting. It is found in the Presets Pane.
    I listened to Yellow 'One Second' and the truck in the first track is driving trough my head. Wow. If I still like it the coming weeks I will surely buy it. [​IMG]
    Thank you for this fantastic tip Lunatique.
  4. staalf

    I thought I do myself a pleasure and I just bought Isone. It is the best buy for 15 euro ever! I can highly recommend it.
  5. crisnee
    I recommend it too.
    It may take some time to setup, but in the end it's definitely worth the few dollars and time.
    Don't be afraid to experiment with settings, even if they seem over the top or counter intuitive. You never know with this sort of thing. And remember it's not about bit perfect, it's about what sounds good to you.
    And lastly, when you get something that sounds ok, or pretty good, sit back, relax and really listen for awhile. Your ears need to get used to this new kind of imaging.
    Here's what unexpectedly worked for me.
    I'm using Audio Technica 900's, the open air version, listening to orchestral music.
    Tweeter = .100m    Speaker Angle = 25deg   HRTF = 100   Ear = 83.5   Head = 90
    Distance .34m    Early Refl = Lowest  T60 = .30s  Room Designer and CSC = On
    Everything else = mid point
    I really messed with the EQ, way off flat. +8db @ 36hz, -9db @ 5500hz, +1db @19khz
    The radical EQ setting just smoothed out the strings and gave it orchestral oomph. The AT's are known to have extended highs and weakish bass, so the EQ makes some sense, still...,
    Anyway, after I listened to this setup for awhile, I really felt like I wasn't listening to headphones. Like the music was away from me, out in front and sort of in the room, or in space. Definitely not in my head. But a key was to sit back and let myself relax into it, because until I did, I only thought the sound was pretty good, but it still sounded pretty much like headphone sound.
    I'm using it with JRiver MC19.
  6. Sweden
    The people who complain about TB Isone messing up timbre and detail too much(I'm in this camp) should give the older Isone Pro a go.
    Not perfect by an stretch of the imagination but better than the new version in maintaining correct tonality.
  7. Lunatique

    It's actually possible to set up TB Isone to sound just like Isone Pro. There's no "inherent unchangeable" sonic signature to TB Isone, as you can tweak it however you like. Originally, when TB Isone first came out, I thought I preferred the sound of Isone Pro too, but after a little experimentation, was able to reproduce the exact sound of my Isone Pro setting with TB Isone. It's really just a matter matching the parameters.
  8. Chodi
    The latest version of TBIsone 3.01 is an improvement in transparency and tonal accuracy. I think I have been through every version and this latest is the best. I use it every day with JRiver 19. With TBIsone you can achieve much less tonal coloration than you will find using speakers in a room. What sounds natural to you is a very personal thing. TBIsone let's you adjust away to your hearts desire to achieve what sounds natural to your ears. No small feat with headphones. Of course the results are limited to the rest of the equipment in your chain.
  9. crisnee
    I agree, it sounds great when setup well.
    Have you found a way in JRiver 19 to get it to show what settings are playing. IOW, if you save something like "Good Soundstage" and then load it, does it tell you somewhere that it's being used?
  10. kalston
    I'm not sure if the new 3.0.1 is actually "better sounding" but it certainly isn't worse and has a much better UI allowing for easier and more accurate tuning. 
  11. Chodi
    Just click on DSP Studio and then click on Isone it will come up with all your current settings.
  12. crisnee
    I'm not sure what you mean by "all your current settings." What I want it to display is the name of the setting I'm using. If I load "sound stage" I want it to tell me that I'm using the sound stage settings when I'm playing music. But nowhere that I can see does it tell me which preset it is using at any given time.
  13. Chodi
    There is a program window at the top which is supposed to display the current preset. I have recently switched to version 3.01 and for the first time with Isone I find that the window does not correctly display the preset if it is one I create and save. I am using it with J River 19. If you choose from the pre-programmed presets it displays correctly. If I choose a preset I created it does not. I wrote to the author and he quickly replied that it is a function of the host (in this case J River19). I have yet to find the solution but I am planning to look into this further. It does change the settings to my custom preset but does not display the name I gave to it. Perhaps this is the same problem you are experiencing? This problem does not really interfere with the functionality of the program. it is just annoying. I also find if I change to one of my presets while the program is in a standard preset it changes that standard preset until I close and restart the system. Strange stuff but the program sounds so good I can live with it.
  14. crisnee
    Yes, that's the problem I'm having too. And I wrote to the author too and he replied in the same way to me. And as to changing the standard presets, I had to uninstall and reinstall to set the presets back to default values. It is annoying but as you said, it is a nice program. By the way, in which version did the current preset display?
    Anyway, if you find a solution please let me/us here know and I'll do the same.
  15. Chodi
    Until recently I was mostly using Foobar which displays the presets correctly using George Youngs wrapper. It save the presets in easy to identify docs of just a few bytes. After using google and looking through the J River forum I find that this is a known problem with J River and any vst based dsp, The author of J River comments that they are aware of this activity and they have no intention of trying to fix it. They suggest that you can use the J River built in presets instead? The J River comment suggests that the program does not really save the preset to a doc. It just saves it to cache. If you google around you will find posts from others with vst plugins and the same concerns. It seems J River has no intention of modifying their program to store this information properly. Still, the Isone program is functional. If it bothers me enough I may resort back to Foobar. I never really confirmed to my satisfaction that J River sounds better (although I get that impression perhaps placebo).
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