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Isone Pro - the best thing you could ever get for your headphones on your computer

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by lunatique, Feb 22, 2010.
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  1. pOOB73
    Tiny head, large ears.. are you a bat? :)
  2. bluemonkeyflyer
    I've downloaded TB Isone and JRiver 19 for Mac.
    Where can I find step by step setup information? I found the JRiver FAQ page but the links won't open for me.
    Has anyone created a guide?
  3. Chodi
    I upgraded to 18 and found some glitches so I went back to 17. Frankly, for what I use it for the added features in 19 are of no use to me so why change what's working.
  4. brunk
    Oooh, I'll have to check that out. Thanks :)
  5. DarKen23
    What's the problem?
  6. DarKen23
    catman.jpg Got a problem? :p
  7. bluemonkeyflyer
    I've pasted TB Isone into users/library/audio/vst, also into users/library/audio/components. In DSP manage plug-ins, I can navigate to TB Isone but, once I get to TB Isone VST sub-folder, it's not highlighted and I cannot get it into JRiver 19 for Macs.
    Is there a tutorial, somewhere?
    Thanks for any help from MacBook Pro users, or others.
  8. DarKen23
    I had trouble initially as well. You'll have to do it manually. Click dsp studio tab, under all the preset dsp you'll see a "manage plugin" tab, click that and click add jriver, vst, etc and proceed with the installation, navigate the isone dll file.
  9. bluemonkeyflyer
    Thanks for the help. I cannot locate the isone .dll file...?
    I can find the downloaded TB Isone file that is unzipped.
    I can find AU and VST.
    I can find Components.
    No joy.
  10. DarKen23
    Epic fail :p. just re download it and try the process again. Make sure you know where it's being downloaded on your computer
  11. bluemonkeyflyer
    Epic is my first name.  Fail is my last.
    I know where both TB Isone and JRiver for Mac are located on my Mac. I've searched for .dll, Isone dll, etc with no luck.
    I will uninstall and try again.
    Many thanks for the help.
  12. Priidik
    To me these cross-feed plug-ins largely mess up timbre, i've tried Isone Pro and TB Isone and Redline Monitor. 
    Cans are HD800.
    For example hi-hats and snares sound like a phaser plugin would have applied to them. I've configured them every way possible and a-b compared with my studio speakers, and still i can't get linear sound and original timbre.
    Can anyone confirm my findings?
  13. brunk
    Post up your settings, along with problem tracks. Have you followed the actual recommended setup process in the manual?
  14. ironmine

    It's been a while since I had read this forum last time.
    I want to ask you crossfeed addicts - have you recently come across anything better than IsonePro or Redline Monitor?

    Or, the situation with crossfeed plugins is still pretty much the same as it was 3-4 years ago and these two plugins are still the undisputed reigning kings of crossfeed sound?
  15. Priidik
    I had ditched the whole idea of using TB-Isone ever again in the morning, i was that frustrated.
    But in order not to make things up i set it up once again and listened to different albums. (listening right now[​IMG])
    I had an essay of complaints written already, then i started to delete lines, i noticed that actually only selection of albums are affected, coincidently the ones i listened in the morning.
    These settings work for most music. 
        I've tried suggested calibration and pretty much every setting excluding speaker cabinet resp and room designer features.
    I don't use any room effects, these sound too weird to me.
    It is easy to see from some freq domain analyzer plug-in (JRiver has one built in) that fr-response is weirdly distorted, if pink noise is fed through Isone.
    I understand that higher freq-s need to be lowered, but i am not so sure that adding awkward peaks/drop-outs to high-midrange and treble is needed. I think this may be what messes up timbre.
    Pink noise is not music on the other hand, it has mixed bag of everything regarding phase and freg content so maybe it even has to be that way.
    Particular tracks where timbre is very wrong with Isone:
    >Puscifer - Toma ( starting hi-hats are sounding noticeably darker/weird)
    >entire album: Conditions of My Parole
    >other Puscifer albums too to lesser degree (not affected album: V for Vagina)
    >Steak number 8 (album: When the candle dies out)
    Bypassing Isone opens new information and changes timbre right in these listed recordings. To my ears.
    Interesting thing is that so many recordings don't suffer any degradation at all, just different (mostly better) presentation. For example Radiohead stuff is like that. Classical seems unaffected aswell.
    Maybe if some albums are recorded in some semi-binaural way then Isone over-amplifies things?
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