Isolating IEMs for sport
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May 13, 2010
Hi there head-fi! I'm in need of some advice and would dearly appreciate your assistance. There's just so many options out there that it's overwhelming.

My Yamaha EPH-100 IEMs have recently died, so I'm looking for something to replace them with. They inserted quite deep and I liked the isolation that afforded.

I recently bought some Aukey EP-B40s earphones, which are fine in most respects, but I can't insert them far enough into my ears to provide good isolation.

What I would like are some IEMs that:
  • Are rated for sport
  • Provide good isolation
  • Have bluetooth (with or without a connecting cable)
Sound signature is honestly of secondary importance to isolation, so I'm not really too picky about what they sound like, as long as it's not too bad.

Something less than about £80/$100 would also be preferable.

Thanks for taking the time to help me!
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This is a wee-bit after you're initial post...
You can take most IEMs (that have some degree or sweat-proof rating) and make them reasonably isolated by replacing the stock tips with foam ones. I added foam tips to my AKG N40s and it feels like I'm wearing 3M safety plugs.
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For sport I'd get the Samsung Galaxy Buds. They're wireless, which is really convenient, they sound great and hold in ears pretty well in my experience. I got them for 80$. People are selling them online unused, because they were a free gift they got with Samsung Galaxy s10.

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