Isabellina HPA - Owner's Thread and Impressions

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  1. korzena


     leesure, thank you for the link!
  2. mrarroyo Contributor
    I do not know where else to post this so here it is. Earlier this week I received my upgraded Isabella, new 24/192 DAC and Class A balanced headphone out. I have not used the DAC yet except to check it works! [​IMG] However, I have logged about 3 hours of use with the Class A balanced headphone amp and I am so happy. I find it is much more clear and dynamic than both the SE headphone amp it replaced as well as the Signature 30.2 (when using planar cans or the K1000). The top is more extended and "sweet" (no harshness), with the 30.2 there is more impact with the K1000 but  overall I feel the sound is better with the Class A headphone out. I guess my 30.2 will now drive speakers or an Stax energizer box.
    Thanks Vinnie, another very happy customer.
  3. drSonic
    I've been using the base Isabellina HPA (LFP-V) for a couple of months now. At first I was thinking I couldn't be happier with the sound. Afterwards I decided to add a balanced HP satage and take that sound to my future stereo system and bought a (full except ProDAC) Isabella. Now it's being modded by RWA and I'm waiting eagerly. The only thing I appreciate more than RWA products is the owner of RWA, Vinnie himself. He has been so communicative and helpful in the whole process. Thank you Vinnie.
  4. mrarroyo Contributor
    ^ look forward to your impressions! I continue to enjoy the heck out of my RWA gear.
  5. MartinM
    Just ordered mine.... counting the days! :)
  6. librarian
  7. quantx
    I have a problem with my Isabellina LFPV Edition bought here from a head-fier.
    Everything correctly plugged, charger has both LED lit red. Only thing is when gently tapping on the power touch button,$
    nothing happens : no red light lighting on.
    And I can hear that distinct clock sound which user's manual say it should run for 40 sec. Only that it's clocking since
    10 minutes now.
  8. brhfl
    What about unplugged? Or switched between AC/BATT? Ruled out tube issues presumably? There is a mysterious button on the charger that does something, and I've heard Vinnie suggest users switch it if there's trouble. Clearly this would not be the issue if you're getting nothing w/o the charger attached. Otherwise contact Vinnie, could be a bad switch.
  9. quantx
    Unplugged is the same. Switched to BATT. Nothing. Tubes, I don't know, and I won't open it. Button on the charger is just AC position when on BATT. Both LED on charger are red, which seems to mean DAC is on…
    I did contact Vinnie but he's off on some event until Wednesday… 
  10. alamakazam
    Tap power button ---- Any Red Light on button? this red light should be lighted up
    try unplug and plug the battery connector, u will hear the relay click again once u plug it in
  11. brhfl
    Two questions (because I have a Sig 16, not an Isabellina, so I was making a couple of assumptions)… When I said button on the charger, I meant the external power supply sort of unit, not the AC/BATT switch on the back of the amp itself… My button isn't labeled, which is why I wanted to double-check we're on the same page there. But, actually, I guess that doesn't matter if unplugged/BATT is the same. Okay, question two — is the Isabellina not meant to be opened for tube access? I know even though the tubes aren't exposed to the outside world they seem to encourage rolling, and the current iteration are easily opened with thumbscrews for this purpose. But yeah, that sounds kinda dodgy, hope you get it resolved! Might ask on the RWA forum at audiocircle too…
  12. quantx
    As said, when tapping button : no red light. (I know : it lights up instantly on my Signature 30.2
    No matter if I unplug the power supply : relay is constantly clicking.
    1 : yes, the small button above the LEDs. When pressed, the unit is earthed and the slight buzzing in Isabellina is muted.
    2 : I won't open it.
  13. quantx
    Now I did it again : unplug power supply, select BATT, tapping gently on power flat button, and ON it is, red light up.
    Why ? [​IMG]
    Not quite reassuring as for constant and smooth operation… [​IMG]
  14. Alwayswantmore
    Hi, try this...
    With the LFP-V Editions (and some earlier units), turn-on requires a FIRM PRESS and HOLD for a second or two. I'm not at home or I could go to a unit and be more exact. If you do it right, the red light in the switch will come on and stay on. And yes, there is a warm-up delay prior to hearing music. I do not recall the delay time, but it maybe 30 seconds or more.
    When I first got my unit I had the same issue, as I was not holding the switch in long enough. Do it a few times to get a feel for the operation and you won't think twice about turn on from that point forward.
    I hope this does the trick. Kent
  15. quantx
    Problem solved : unit reverted to normal after a complete cycle of 24 jours "clicking". 
    And Vinnie Rossi has been fast and responsive, with the answer :
    Sorry for the delay - I was away at a trade show.
    It sounds like it was dropped in shipping and one of the relays on the SMART board is in the incorrect state.  These are "latching" relays and being subjected to dropping can cause them to change state.
    Luckily - there is a way to handle this.  If your customer uses a hammer and taps the right side of the enclosure (using sufficient force), that should get the relay to go back to the correct position, and then the unit should turn on.  He should do this when he hears the "clicking sounds" when he tries to turn it on.
    I also recommend he uses something like a piece of wood between the hammer and enclosure so he does not scratch the enclosure.  But he needs to tap it fairly hard to reset the relay.
    All the best,
    Vinnie Rossi
    Red Wine Audio"
    In fact, no tapping required : it just did some reset of its own and works flawlessly now. 

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