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Is Tidal worth it?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by Fors10, May 23, 2018.
  1. Fors10

    I've been wondering for a good while now if Tidal HiFi is reasonable enough to pay 20€ a month for as I've been testing and comparing it for 2 months so far. As a long-term Spotify user I am able to hear the clarity differences fairly well between the 2 streaming services, but that's the only positive thing about Tidal.

    For me, the Tidal desktop software is slow, unstable and highly needy on the cpu power. The Tidal algorithms don't seem to work as well as Spotify's when discovering new music, or in general. The playlists tend to shuffle only between 2-3 songs and is only fixed after the app is restarted. Also Tidal lacks some key features in general like crossfading songs on desktop app. How can a 20€ a month service be this horrible to use besides the slightly superior SQ. In contrast, Spotify costs half less and works like a dream. However the sound isn't as dynamic, punchy and clear as Tidal HiFi.

    I'm really keen to favour Tidal over Spotify, but it's almost impossible since the service is so unusable. I can't have a browser or any other app open simultaneously because Tidal uses so much CPU the fans will start to spin hard and make background noise which defeat the SQ gains' purpose (especially when listening via speakers, disturbs open HP's as well).

    For now, I'm obligated to stick with Spotify because it's not really smart to pay 20€ for something that doesn't work up to standards. If only Spotify launched their HiFi service. I'm really trying to find a reliable service for lossless so my K712s could perform at their highest level. Spotify isn't bad, but IMO it doesn't reproduce as lively sound as lossless.

    I'd like to hear your inputs and opinions and whether you've encountered similar issues as I've.
    Last edited: May 23, 2018
  2. music_man
    It depends if you value the content, bottom line. The program does suck. They could take a lesson from Foobar. It is not for that market though. People want fancy out of the box. At the expense of CPU power, page file etc. I also agree layout not great.

    Now if you are in the know there are free radio stations with three times that bandwidth. Issue is, do you like the Genre 1. 2, you better have at least 100kbps and unlimited data allowance. We have 1gbps automatically comes unlimited, no throttle unless breaking the law of course. I am lucky because I like a free station and vastly prefer Foobar. I pay enough for my connection.
  3. Sennheiser92
    Honestly they don't have nearly as much as a selection of underground as one would like, and they have absent customer service. Its definitely not worth the price tag but the quality of the music is audibly better than Spotify.
  4. discape
    Although I'm a longtime user of HIFI Tidal - the desktop software is a poor music player, buggy, and the library is full of confusing duplicates. It's not a real music player software, it's just a browser reconfigured into a player. The redesign has made it more difficult to browse new releases, but has improved the Master/HIFI confusing duplicates.

    Although in other ways I prefer it to Spotify, I find the Tidal layout is much better., and better ability to access your own music and make playlists.
  5. voxie
    Here's from a member that has used Spotify ITunes Tidal and Qobuz via Desktop and Mobile. Have cancelled re-subscribed to each one but I always go back to Qobuz. Its not as intuitive as the rest but its UI is simple and clear. Its a lot less "busy". Between Tidal and Qobuz sq I cant differentiate between the two re lossless playback.
  6. Nik74
    Would you be kind enough to mention which radio staions you use? I m not in the know and would love to find quality online radio

  7. Fors10
    This is what I found most shocking about Tidal. During the past few months I've gone back to Spotify every friday to check out the "Release Radar" or new releases- page and used Soundiiz app to convert the playlist to my Tidal account. I don't even know where in Tidal there's a page that has all the newly released albums/songs in their chronological order. All I just see is Tidal's forced suggestions or "staff picks" that I don't prefer.

    To be honest, in general I've used Spotify to discover music, create playlists and convert into Tidal. I just don't seem to understand Tidal's functions well enough or it doesn't offer them as well as other platforms.

    Pretty much sums it up...
  8. buke9
    Been a Tidal HiFi user for going on 3 years. I for one accept its drawbacks for the quality and selection. I don’t think any service can have everything but it works for me.
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  9. Fors10
    Did Tidal just update their desktop software? At the time I made this post it was the buggy webpage-integrated to desktop player version, but now it seems to be updated? It eases a lot more on the CPU and acts very much like a true smooth software? The UI has also changed and it looks a lot like Spotify now. Anyone else got this same update? I'm using Mac OS.
  10. Nik74
    Yes same here , 3 days ago. Much more responsive, not buggy-so far-, different UI. Everything loads real fast. It automatically reverted my output settings though, so I had to set it all up again but no biggie ..
  11. buke9
    Tidal updates often.Some better than others.
  12. Nik74
    True, this one was a more drastic one though
  13. buke9
    I’m not going to leave Tidal as I love the quality and collection of music.
  14. Nik74
    I m willing to give it more time , I feel it is improving and in terms of sound quality, there isn't anything that competes for me.
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  15. bradysays
    Does the subscription cost more on these platforms to have lossless playback?

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