Is this site for real? Klipsch custom 3's for around $130
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I recently had a bad experience with Electronica Direct with my X5's. Ordered them via amazon to be shipped priority mail. They did ship it out quickly, but instead of shipping it priority, they shipped it parcel post instead. The item was shipped from Monsey, NY the day after I ordered the X5's and I did not get them until over a week later. Monsey, NY is about 250 miles from where I live. I called Electronica Direct and the representative said they were routing my package to Ohio for some reason and they sent it priority. She said she'd call me the next day to update me. She never called. I called the post office and checked the website and my package was actually sent Parcel Post instead of Priority. I confirmed that again a few days later and called Electronic Direct to get my shipping money refunded. They said they would do it, but it never happened. I'll never deal with them again.
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Yeah, let me rephrase that - they're legit as far as authenticity - customer service is another issue though.

Thanks again. I'll see if I can find the same price from another vendor.
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Electronica Direct is NOT an authorized Klipsch dealer, even if they sell through Amazon. Only purchase when the items says "ships from and sold by Amazon."
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Thats where I got my custom 3's from. They used to be named Z Eletrica, which if you'll look is a noted "unauthorized" klipsch dealer. Thats why I had to solder on a new plug after a short myself, no warranty. Mine were purchased in January if that tells you anything. Although I do put headphones through a lot and the custom 3s do sound fantastic.

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