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Is this normal?

  1. 7Virtues
    I just bought some Sunrise Impressive Editions, and I noticed something. When I put them in regular(not over the ear) I hear some weird noises, almost an echo if I move the wires/head(which moves the wires). 
    I didn't notice this on my old pair of NuForce Ne-6/7's. 
    Is this normal and should this be happening right out of the box?
  2. dbdynsty25
    It's called microphonics.  Depending on the headphone...some have it more than others.  If you wear them over the ear...it'll reduce that sound significantly. 
  3. 7Virtues


    Why do some have and some don't? I know these are better than my nuforces and nuforces are cheap. I'd expect cheaper headphones to have this problem.
  4. dbdynsty25
    It's all about the cable and the cable design. Some are better than others.  Hell, the finest cable I've seen is on a pair of FX67s that cost me 15 bucks.  So the price means nothing really.

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