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Is there such a thing as an audiophile music player for windows?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by AudioDwebe, Mar 30, 2019.
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  1. ebjarrell
    I'm a JRiver fan and have been for about six years. The only thing that I really hate about it is that you have to pay for the upgrades.
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  2. Roseval
  3. acguitar84
    Thanks for the info! I see the post was made today about the ios app, so I'll check it out, again thanks!

    Edit: I decided to download and audition MusicBee and from the little time I've had so far, I have to give this program a big thumbs up. Sounds great and has some neat features. I love the compact player feature. I was also able to select ASIO and ASIO exlusive to the RME ADI 2 DAC. Really neat so far. I haven't had a chance to check out the ios feature yet, that will be later this weekend or next weekend before I can try it out. Thanks to Roseval for pointing this program out to me.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
  4. Dawnrazor
    Yeah MusicBee is pretty good. Though I thought hysolid sounded better and had less of a footprint.
  5. starence
    Yeah, it's better when you realize most of the updates aren't worth paying for.
  6. ebjarrell
    Better?? I hope you meant 'worse'. LOL
  7. starence
    I mean budget wise. I noticed most of the new versions didn’t actually have anything that made my experience better, so I would only upgrade when there was an important new feature.
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  8. cursive
  9. vault108
    Foobar with DSD Transcoder to output everything to native DSD256/DSD512 is amazing if your DAC support it.
  10. theaudiologist1
    Audirvana exists on windows now. Best music player ever!
  11. BBGirl
    use foobar
  12. Andrew_WOT
    Same here. OP, you already have Jriver, just use it, forget useless upgrades, they didn't bring anything worthy as far as audio listening goes for the last few years, if not longer.
  13. Bonddam
    I'm using Foobar with wasapi. But I should change to ASIO for best performance?
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  14. Roseval
    If your DAC supports ASIO, the only thing you can do is try.
    In principle WASAPI and ASIO do the same.
    In practice implementations might en will differ.
    This can result in a different sound.

    However, I have never seen measurements showing any difference between the two.
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  15. squishware
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