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Is there such a thing as an audiophile music player for windows?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by AudioDwebe, Mar 30, 2019.
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  1. AudioDwebe
    I'm currently ripping music using dbPoweramp and playing back with Sony Music Center (since I recently picked up a used Sony ZX300 here) and am having some issues with the Sony Music Center. Some tracks will chirp, skip or make other distortion-like sounds which caused me to think it was in the rip, but if I backtrack the song a few seconds and play it again, it'll be fine. So I'm thinking I might want to use something else to listen to my music while on the computer.

    So, does such beast exist, or should I just use Media Monkey or MusicBee or?

    Any suggestions?


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  2. The Socialist Nerd
    I use MusicBee for playback of hi-res tracks on my Surface Book 2 15.
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  3. Roseval
    There are media players claiming to be audiophile.
    These claims are of course not substantiated by any measurement.

    Your best bet is a player supporting protocols like WASAPI and/or ASIO allowing you to bypass the Win audio stack.
    Foobar and MusicBee are good choices imho.

    A limited list of players can be found here: http://www.thewelltemperedcomputer.com/SW/Players/_MediaPlayers.htm
  4. dale55
  5. dale55
    I currently use Foobar version 1.4.3 with Fidelizer. Sounds great, simple interface and highly customizable.
  6. AudioDwebe
    Thank you, very much.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. rutter
    Are you listening through the ZX300?
  8. CoryGillmore
    I 2nd the thoughts on Foobar
  9. AudioDwebe
    The ZX300 is fine. It's when I listen through the laptop and I hear, on occasion (enough to be a bit annoying, actually) distortion or chirping. When I rewind and play that section again, it'll be fine.

    So for some reason it seams the Sony Music Center isn't doing something quite right.

    Right now, my system consists of a Dell XP to a SIIG docking station to a Music Streamer II DAC to a PS Audio GCHA headamp.

    I initially thought the problem was with the actual rip, but luckily that doesn't seem to be the case.
  10. MellowGold
    I tried several music players for Windows and eventually settled on MusicBee. I just wish it supported the Audeze reveal plug-in; other than that it's perfect for my needs.
  11. Roseval
  12. blackdragon87
    foobar is my preferred choice as well. currently using windows 7
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  13. Dawnrazor
    I looked at music bee and foobar and winamp and best for me is Hysolid. It just sounds so much better than the rest. Foobar is particularly 2d IME.

    ASIO is must for good sound IMHO. IE you just cant do Foobar or any player with wasapi and call it a day. ASIO and os tweaking is needed for the best sound. IE, you just cant take an os, a player and a computer and get good sound. The OS and the player need to be optimized. Focusrite has a great site dedicated to making windows 10 sound great. Hysolid sounds great right out of the box...there aren't any real settings to mess with anyhow.
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  14. akburt
    [QUOTE = "Dawnrazor, pošta: 14871732, člen: 488703"] Dívčí jsem se na hudebním večeru a foobaru a vítězi a nejlepším pro mě je Hysolid. Zní až k mocnosti než ostatní. Foobar je zvláště 2d IME.

    ASIO je pro dobrý zvuk IMHO. IE prostě nemohu udělat Foobar nebo kteréhokoliv hráče s wasapi a zavolat na něm den. Pro nejlepší zvuk je potřeba ASIO a os ladění. IE, prostě nemůžete svůj osud, hráč počítač a dobrý zvuk. OS a přehrávač je třeba optimalizovat. Aby Windows 10 zní skvěle. Hysolid zní skvěle hned po vybalení z krabice ... nejsou žádné reálné nastavení, které by se přihodilo nějakým způsobem. [/ CITÁT]
    [QUOTE = "AudioDwebe, pošta: 14866892, člen: 38378"] V současné době kopíruji hudbu pomocí dbPoweramp a přehrávám s Sony Music Center (protože jsem zde nedávno vyzvedl použitý Sony ZX300) a mám nějaké problémy se Sony Hudební centrum. Některé skladby budou cvrlikat, přeskakovat nebo dělat jiné zvuky podobné zkreslení, což mě přimělo myslet si, že to bylo v ripu, ale když jsem pár vteřin zpěval píseň a přehrál ji znovu, bude to v pořádku. Tak jsem si myslel, že bych chtěl použít něco jiného, abych si poslechl svou hudbu na počítači.

    Existuje taková bestie, nebo bych měl použít Media Monkey nebo MusicBee nebo?

    Nějaké návrhy?


    Mamoru [/ QUOTE]
    HQ Player
  15. Dawnrazor
    Sorry dude I only speak English. Or are you saying HQ Player?

    Never tried that or if I did it wasnt what I wanted. Looking at it again how do you control it with an iPhone? Not looking for a "computer" experience with a mouse and keyboard. If I wanted that and needed sound quality I would be using my Cics Memory player...
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