Is there such a thing as a fake Bendix tube?
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Headphoneus Supremus
Sep 27, 2007
Question for any seasoned tube veterans out there:

There's a guy wanting to sell me a "supposed" Bendix 6385 "white box" tube for 90 bucks or so.

Only thing is ... (and he commented on this as well) ... the Bendix logo that is screen printed on the tube is different than the typical Bendix logo ...

See the below photo.

The tube in question is the tube in the middle (the one at far right has the standard Bendix logo on it while the one in the middle features a logo I've never seen before):




So have any of you tube experts ever seen a Bendix logo like that?

I would like to purchase from this guy but I'm just not sure about that middle tube ...

Thanks for any input.

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