Is there such a thing as a box that reads digital music files and sends them to a DAC yet isn't a traditional computer?
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May 19, 2011
I have a headphone setup that has been working well for me. It's fed by a Mac with iTunes+BitPerfect outputting to a HRT MSII+ DAC. The problem is the Mac is now an ex computer. It was apparently pining for the fjords and now its metabolic processes are of interest only to historians. Anyway, that leaves my audio system in the lurch. The problem with that is that I don't have $600 to drop on a new Mini right now. I tried the new Volumio distribution for the RaspberryPi, attempting to play out through the MSII+ but the results were horrid. Poor audio quality and tons of pops and clicks.
So what I'm wondering is whether there exists some sort of a dedicated source machine that can read the Apple Lossless Codec files that I have and feed them to the MSII+ and cost less than a new Mini.
Know of anything that would do this?

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