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Is there areal difference in sound quality between Cowon J3 and Hifiman players?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by kaushama, Jun 8, 2011.
  1. kaushama
    Topic says all! Is it just mindset and placebo effect of having a hi-end brand??? or real difference?
  2. caracara08
    i had a 601 and i have the j3. strictly SQ, the 601 wins. i think the j3 can compete but i cant find the perfect eq setting.  but size, UI, EVERYTHING else, the j3 wins.
  3. muad
    when you say "strictly SQ, the 601 wins" ... How so? Is it very obvious? thnx
  4. a_tumiwa
    i have heard two of them too, SQ only = 601, other than SQ = J3 win (hm601 = bigger size, very short battery life, etc)
  5. ZARIM
    Cowon DAPs needs to be EQ to get the best out of it but others DAPs like HiFiMan are very good with default setting(no EQ).
  6. caracara08
    maybe theyre sent pre-EQ'd from the lab?  i dono.  it sounded good i admit.

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