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Is there anything out there that I can replace my NE-6 with?

  1. 7Virtues
    For under $100 that has way better SQ than my Nuforce NE-6?
    Had these for 2 years ish and looking for something that will have SQ that will make the NE-6 look like a joke. I don't know if its possible though for under $100.
  2. dfrost
  3. 7Virtues
    Thanks! Looking at that link in terms of SQ my best bet is the RE-0 or SE215?
  4. vwinter
    If you liked the bass quantity of the NE-6 then most likely want to look elsewhere than the RE-0. And for the SE215, there's no review up yet except in comparisons to other recent IEM reviews in the same price range so I don't know how you drew that conclusion from that thread, and they're over-ear only as far as I can tell, so that may be an adjustment for you. Some good things have indeed been said about them though. Maybe figure out what you like and don't like about the NE-6, and what you would like to try next and go from there. Here's another IEM review thread you can look at Concise Multi-IEM Comparison. Both threads compliment each other well I think. Other recently popular and supposedly good sounding phones under $100 are the Sunrise Xcited and Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition, the latter of which might be closer in sound to your NE-6's. Anyway, good luck and happy researching.

  5. 7Virtues

    Well I didn't think the NE-6 had much bass at all?
    I got the conclusion from browsing other threads too, about the SE215s.
    What do you mean closer in sound? I'm trying to find a well balanced IEM that is better all the way around than the NE-6. I mean I bought my NE-6 years ago, so I assumed tech has advanced.
    Thanks for the other topic!

  6. Satellite_6
    The NE-6's have quite a bit of bass. If you need more bass you'll want a basshead IEM, not balanced. 
    I tried upgrading to the Panasonic HJE900's ($90) and I was not impressed. I'm sure you could find something better than the NE-6's for ~$100, but probably not way better. 
  7. 7Virtues
    Really the Ne-6 are considered good bass? Him, I was expecting good bass was similiar to like surround sound on your ears(how when you have a nice set up, you can feel explosions etc..). I for sure do not hear that in my NE-6, maybe I messed them up, I don't really remember what they sounded like years ago when I first got them. I don't really want bass heavy, I don't want my ears drum to shake like as if I'm riding in 16 year olds honda civic with 16in subs.
  8. vwinter

    Bass quantity and bass quality are different things. They NE-6 definitely rumble, but aren't the tightest or the cleanest. Maybe yours bit the bullet in some way... In general, don't expect speaker like sound out of IEM's. Not that IEM's aren't capable, it's just apples to oranges.
    If you don't really care for rumble, don't mind odd fit and low isolation, and can stretch your budget to a $133, maybe look into the Sony MDR-EX600, a decent amount of reviews around here now. They are supposed to be very technically capable, a clear step up over the SE215, especially for the low price they are going for now on Amazon. I have no idea if you can feel movie explosions with them though, since I don't own them.

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