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Is there an optimal way to game with headphones? Consoles

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by Megazine, Dec 30, 2017.
  1. Megazine
    Right now I’m using a high end receiver with an Xbox X connected via HDMI. I’m currently using Sennheiser HD598 connected to the receiver.

    Now my question: is this the best way to get surround sound through headphones? Do I need any more hardware to improve surround sound or am I good to go? If so, what do you guys recommend?
  2. illram
    Can you enable Windows Sonic via HDMI that way? I think you can. Try it and see if you can hear surround cues behind you. I know it works on Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and WWII via optical when you select headset sound and tick the box for optical/HDMI headset. Might be a game by game thing.

    If you are not using Windows Sonic or Atmos for headphones (via the Xbox OS) you will need some other DAC/amp to give you virtual surround for your headphones.

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