Is there an Audioengine D3 firmware with a volume bug fix?
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Jul 17, 2019
Hi, do you know this bug? The D3 sets its volume to 100% when the notebook wakes up from hibernating, or when the notebook has restarted. The volume control in Windows does not show 100% but 4% (as I have set it before). But that's not the volume I will get. In consequence, I have now in a few months hurt my ears with extreme volume levels a bunch of times.

I wonder if there is a fix. I have not found a firmware on Audioengines website. If I won't find a fix, the D3 will eventually land in the trash can, probably in a few weeks when I forget again that the volume it shows is not the real volume. I better try to care for my ears, and for other peoples ears, maybe it's just my model that does this volume thing.
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I should have asked their support at first. I don't know why I didn't do that. Anyway they say they never heard of it. I assume, my D3 has just some rare defect. Well, that's it. Per se and per design it's really a good device. Issue resolved.

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