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is there an amp that helps with treble extension and subbass extension?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by tom22, May 12, 2014.
  1. Tom22
    i was wondering if there is a portable amp that i could latch onto my ipod touch using the lod line out. i'm wondering if theres an "inexpensive amp" (inexpensive is debatable i'll have to see, ideally under 100$ even 150$ would be pushing it a lot) that helps with the treble extension and subbass extension.
    i'm fairly new with amps at least, i only own the fiioe6 amp and have only come across warm amps. =( fairly newbie when it comes to amps
    itd be nice to have a sorta cold amp that helps with the treble extension (especially with my vmoda xs, the treble is nice, but i wanna see if i can make it as sparkly and extended  and as bassy as the vmoda m100s) 
    in short i'm wondering if i can make a sound signature that can get close to the m100s bass and treble while having the xs's forward mids
    only with the amp i can turn it off and just enjoy the warmish, neutral response when relaxing at home
    does an amp like this exist? 
    =) would be a dream come true! especially if i can get it under 100$ hehe thanks guys
  2. alexm23
    Try using the Fiio E6 with bass boost on, and then setting the EQ on your iPod to Treble Booster. That should give you a boost on both ends.
  3. Tom22

    Thanks for the sugguested but i tried before unfortunately. It really messes with the presentation of the mids, made it nasally.

    Even just used the blue eq on the fiio e6 which boosts the bass and treble. Sadly what it really did was boosted the midbass (punchier) and mid treble . Didnt help with the extension :frowning2:

    Guess its not possible
  4. TMRaven
    You're looking for a new headphone, not a new amp.
  5. Tom22

    Already?! I just got it a month ago lol. But in all seriousness just listened to b& o h6 holy crap its amazing. Too bad its 439cdn... 227 $ more than my xs :frowning2: looks amazing though
  6. Tom22
    actually i tried the blue eq again with treble booster, its really nice thanks i'll still have decide if i'm gonna keep this setting, not a fan of lugging the amp around really 
    thanks again
  7. H20Fidelity Contributor
    C&C BH has an LF switch which boosts bass and treble. It makes the mid range sound clear and high in clarity. $100 amp.
  8. Tom22
    very nice thank you! 
  9. mikewar94
    Did this suit your needs? I have the same considerations for my Sennheiser HD1s.

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