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Is there a Night / Dark mode for Head-fi.

  1. Smooth_Trumpeteer
    I'm just curious as to whether there's a official setting or unofficial plugin for Head-Fi specifically. I'm currently using an plugin for Chrome called Deluminate and the "Smart invert images" which seems to work rather well. If there are other options I'm interested in hearing them.
  2. vcmusik
    I've been wishing for a dark/night mode as well, and would spend a lot more time on the site if the bright whites didn't wear on my eyes so much, but I might be an outlier as I've had LASIK done and am more sensitive to that kind of thing than before.
  3. Smooth_Trumpeteer
    If only. I've switched to Firefox and the extensions I use to force a dark mode don't play well with Head-Fi. I haven't been browsing as often as I used to.
  4. Amberlamps
    I would love a darker theme also, even with ios nightshift enabled, this website is bright. Not complaining, it would be great if there was a darker theme to help save my retina’s from burning out,
  5. serman005
    Haven't been able to find a good alternative night mode option, personally, unfortunately. :frowning2:
  6. The Chronicals
    Just use FLUX. Its free.
  7. Smooth_Trumpeteer
    Flux doesnt help as much as I want, its still white or yellow.
    I've been using flux on its lowest setting for years.
    Thanks for the suggestion though, it might help someone who doesn't use flux.
  8. SilverEars
    Don't the new Galaxies and the latest Pixel OS updates have night modes?

    I have an S8 and only the galaxy browser supports it.

    The inverted color scheme would be easier on the eyes, and saves battery life of devices with OLED displays.
  9. moriez
    There was a f.lux update last week which added a greyscale effect. Could be something.

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