Is there a 1/8 in ( 3.5 mm ) jack that would fit 22 awg quad pair mic wire?

  1. openfly
    As per the topic.

    I am doing a rebuild of some ratted out grado sr 325s. I am pretty happy with the direction I am heading in.

    I started with some four wire mic wire as my main length of wiring... but I don't really want a 1/4 in jack. And this doesn't seem to be working with any of the like 12 different jacks I have tried. Digikey seems to be lacking in options as well.

    Figured I'd reach out before I started considering new wiring options.

    I am also looking for a replacement for the twisted pair I am using for the over the head connection between driver cans. has some photos of what I am working with.

    I am planning a second build after this with some more ratted out sr 325 drivers I have... so I'd like to lock down this design first.
  2. hoskoau
    Rean NYS 231BG-LL supports a 8mm cable OD

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