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Is the OneCall open box policy worth it?

  1. thenightman
    By worth it, I mean is it headache free and it really is brand new? Right now they're offering a Monster Turbine Pro Copper for $250 brand new and $209 open box. Just wondering if any of you have experience with purchasing open box from OneCall so I can see if I can save me $41. [​IMG]
  2. ShyFroggy
    60 bucks saved if you use the eBillme promotion.
  3. ShyFroggy
    oh, and no it's not brand new, that's why it's called open box.  It's been opened, possibly used a little bit, returned for whatever reasons.  But they are guaranteed to work, or they will replace them (obviously).  I don't know what the open box packages look like from Monster or onecall, but with apple they always, in my experience, look brand new, but do NOT come in the original fancy packaging.  But is packaging really worth 60 bucks?  you could buy a back up pair of earphones for that much.  Just my 2 cents.
  4. thenightman
    I understand it's not really "brand new." I'm just worried if there'll be a eartip missing or something like that. 
  5. David58117
    Why don't you call Monster and speak with a sales rep (get a name) and clear up whether or not they will follow through with their warranty from OneCall? 
    Try to speak with a manger if they have one..
  6. ShyFroggy
    they check and make sure it has all accessories.  If it doesn't for some reason I'm sure they would send it to you.  But their policy specifically says that it comes with all accessories.
  7. thenightman


    They actually will, but that's not the issue. I'm worried about the product being somewhat damaged. I know I can send it back, but I don't really want to deal with that. Waiting a week, getting it, sending it back (and paying for the shipping), and then waiting another week for a replacement, which can be just as damaged....
  8. boomana
    I got a pair of open box Audioengine A2 for my office desk from OneCall.  I wouldn't have known they were used when they arrived.  The box and all the packing appeared new to me.
  9. ShyFroggy


  10. ShyFroggy

    I had ordered the open box item yesterday, but then read a testimony here that monster did not honor the warranty on open box items, despite onecall's claim that they do. So I called monster, and indeed, they do not honor the warranty.  So then I called onecall to cancel my order.  They apologized, and are now sending me a new pair for the same price.  So for all those out there: MONSTER DOES NOT  HONOR WARRANTIES ON OPEN BOX ITEMS!!!

  11. David58117
    Call on Monday, tell them you purchased it based on their advertisements that Monster would cover the warranty, but it turns out Monster will not.  Ask what they can do to correct the problem (while pushing for getting a new product at the discounted price).  
    Oh well, at least you learned a lesson.  Im only a bit jaded because I have been through this before...when I looked at the Onecall website and saw them claiming a third party would cover the product, that immediately stuck out as being something needing verification. 
  12. thenightman
    Yeah, I will do that. I'm just frustrated because I basically got my Cowon J3 about a week ago. The stock earbuds broke three days ago (they sucked anyway) and basically I haven't played my Cowon J3 at all since. I purchased these Monsters thinking I can wait another week without listening to the J3 and now I see this.

    OneCall is gonna tell me to ship it back on Thursday (that's when it gets here). Then when they get it (probably) a week afterward, they'll send me a new pair, which will be another week added. So basically that's 3 weeks waiting on some ****ing headphones.
    I would have gone to BestBuy instead, but I maxed out my credit card on these things and I'm broke for the time being. Besides, why would I be buying any other headphones if these are supposedly top notch?
  13. Goku
    NOT worth it IMO
  14. thenightman
    Okay, scratch everything I said earlier. I called OneCall to discuss my situation, only to discover that they sent me a new one anyway, because they ran out of open boxes in the first place. Wow, this company really is first class.
  15. HappyFi
    Ultimately, it looks like Onecall is treating you guys right and correcting the issue, which I guess is what matters. 

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