Is the NKK-01se better than the Voyager?
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Nick H.

Sep 27, 2005
I suppose it ought to be because it's much bigger and costs more than four times as much. I'm on the brink of ordering one to use with an X5 and T2s. I borrowed one last year so I know what it will sound like. But it troubles me that I haven't heard the Voyager. Is it safe to assume that the Voyager is a step down in sound quality?

Edit: Hmmm. I suspect I won't get an answer to this because nobody's heard the NKK-01se! When I borrowed it last year Rudi told me he'd only sold 18.
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OK, I'm going to buy it in ten minutes if nobody stops me!
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Yup, I bought it. Once I'd started using the borrowed one, I always knew I was cheating myself of some of the music whenever I didn't plug it in. For me, that's a very good reason to spend £750.
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Please dont forget to post impressions.

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