Is the FiiO RC-WT2 replacement cable compatible with the shure se215?
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Aug 17, 2015
I have just purchased the FiiO RC-WT2 replacement cable and I am wondering if they are compatible with the Shure se215's as I have just thought that they are not but they appeared to be when I had purchased them.
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The FiiO RC-WT2 upgrade cable isn't compatible with the Shure Se range. On the FiiO website they provide a comparison table ( showing which upgrade cables are compatible with various IEM's. I ended up going with the FiiO RC-SE1. They improve the sound quite well and I am quite happy with my purchase. The only con is that the cable is very thin and tangles and twists very easily. It also creates microphonic which can be annoying for some but can be improved with putting the cable between two layers of clothing.

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