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Is the FiiO E10 good enough for DT770 80ohms? Please comment thanks.

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by ubel, Dec 17, 2011.
  1. Ubel
    Exactly what the topic says, I have DT770s and I'm looking for an external DAC.
    I'm using a Chaintech AV-710 right now and there's bad noise/clipping before I even reach acceptable volumes, even from the line out. I think this is because the DT's require so much amping but also definitely EMI.
    I need something external to get away from all the EMI inside my case.
    I'd honestly rather spend under $100 but I could spend more if it was really worth it
    Thanks for recommendations, I'd like to order something soon and I appreciate the help.
  2. Ubel
    I just went ahead and ordered a FiiO E10 after hearing it's fine for 80ohm DT770s. I hope this is true.
    Anyone have any comments?
  3. output555
    I just got my FiiO E10 last week. I'll test them out with some 650s and let you know.
  4. scoopbb
    i own the e10 and the dt770s. easy. on low gain it powers them just fine. the dt880 600ohms not so much.
  5. Ubel


    Thank you. That's what I wanted to hear. My only full size cans are 80ohm DT770s so I should be good. I just wanted to know if i was gonna have to use the line out with my cmoy, but it sounds like I won't. I do like a lot of power however and will definitely be pushing the 770s. Everyone so far says the E10 has more than enough power for them, so as long as that's true I should be very satisfied.
    Thank you, I appreciate you input.
  6. sappl3s
    Is there anymore opinions on this? I'm about to order the E10 myself and will be using it with the 770/80's, how much of a difference is there?
  7. RPGWiZaRD
    Cheaper alternative amp to DT770 80 ohm that has good synergy with these headphones would be Gary's PA2V2. This amp is slightly on the warmer side which is good for DT770 as it's on the thin V-shaped side signature wise and the amp also adds some punch to the bass which DT770 lacks (it's subbass focused). For the price of Gary's PA2V2 backed with his excellent customer service it's not much to worry about "how much of an improvement" it will be IMO for $60 or whatever they costed. :)

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