Is the Bose OE worth it for $60?
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Apr 14, 2011
If you're getting them new for $60 then they're fake, no doubt about it.  I've tried fake ones before and they're utterly atrocious.  There's a massive volume imbalance in the two channels too.
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Mar 19, 2011
I already have the Grado SR60 and various other higher end headphones. I was curious on how they compared to other headphones around $60 range. I've heard a lot on why they're bad and the number one reason I seem to gather is that they are overpriced for their quality.
Oh, and it's not a new pair.
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Nov 29, 2010
A mate of mine has them. I've recently spent a lot of time listening to them since I cannot use my phones in the library.
I personally really wouldn't bother with them. For only 15 dollars more you can have a Sennheiser HD555. (Which you can mod into a 595)
I have the 595 myself and there's really no comparison between them and the OEs. There's a night and day difference really.
I'm not impressed by the OE's build quality at all. The phones are very durable, but the cable is horribly built. My mate has gone through 5 cables over the 3 years he's had them, and he takes good care of his equipment. A more severe problem for me is the horrible creaking sound the earcups make if they move ever so slightly. It sounds like your head is stuck in an antique wooden floor.
Comfort wise they're the most comfortable on ear headphones I've used. They get annoying after wearing them for around 2 hours for me.
The biggest issue lies, as is to be expected, in their sound quality. There's no point in trying to accurately describe their sound characteristics as it's pretty dreadful all around. I believe their best aspect is meant to be their bass. There seems to actually be less bass going on than with my HD595s on most songs. On tracks where there's a lot of bass (think hip hop) the bass suddenly appears out of nowhere, and greets you by plugging your ears with mud. This is obviously an exaggeration, but suffice to say the bass is very blurry. Whenever the bass pops up it reminds me of pictures taken with my old 1.3 MP camera. There's quantity, but the quality is dissapointing.
The bass is the most quirky of the OE's aspects, since everything else just sounds recessed. Bland, boring, lifeless are terms I would use. 
Note that I have only been able to use them with an iPod and my laptop's onboard soundcard. I can't imagine they'll sound much better with decent equipment, but if you're interested I can try them out with my E7 +E9 once they arrive.

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