Is Streaming a Phone Through a Sony DAP Viable?
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Aug 7, 2019
Hey everyone!

I have been looking at getting one of the Sony DAPs, either the ZX300 or the WM1A for my work office.
I have been trying to find out exactly how the Bluetooth streaming from the phone works and haven't found anything very good on the interwebs, so I was hoping someone here has one of these and can help me out.

Basically I want to know if it is still possible to stream a service, such as Tidal or Spotify from my phone to the DAP so I can still utilize the DAPs amp. Or is this hookup really only for native music app on the phone.

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Yes this is possible by using the Bluetooth receiver function. ZX300 must be on FW 2.01 or higher and WM1 on FW 3.01. The A50 series also have this function. If you're going to use it for Tidal HIFI LDAC is recommended for less compromise on compression. Spotify on the other hand offers 320kbps so any codec can be used. Android phones that have Oreo OS (Android 8) have integrated LDAC.
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Yes, you can do exactly what you want with the WM1A/Z!!!!!

I use the WM1A through my Samsung S10 via the walkman cable and a usb-c/type-a adapter. You just turn on the USB DAC function on the WM1A and everything works amazingly! Can even verify that I am getting HIFI rates from tidal on the WM1A since it shows the source rate. And I love my WM1A in general. Only downside is no streaming directly to it, but that doesn't matter at all to me since I can just stream from my phone through it. Just make sure to turn off the "Charge this player from the connected device" option while plugged in to the phone as it will just keep draining your phone battery to keep the DAP's battery up.+
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I myself don’t care for Sony but that is me I think a Android dap would be a better choice as it would be more flexible. If you are streaming from a phone you can always make a hotspot from the phone and then use the dap for streaming . I have a little HiBy R3 that uses AirPlay from my iPhone 7 that is just seamless set the volume on the R3 and all other is from the phone wirelessly. I also have a HiBy R6 Pro and yes sounds better and would use a hotspot to give me full control on the dap with Tidal.
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Thanks Guys!

The reason I am looking at the Sony over some others is the battery life. I will be using this with work for travel and such as well and the insane battery life on the Sony really speaks to me. I also know I am a fan of the 'Sony house sound' if you will. But the ability to be able to stream new albums and such before I can locate a hi res file will be great at times as well. I did not realize you could hard wire the phone to the Sony DAPs as well as use the Bluetooth streaming, so I am really leaning towards a Sony now!

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