Is ripple the only spec we care for in an "audio source" PSU?
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if your unit uses under 200mA, you aren't "supplying 0.5A", you're supplying as much as is used. 

indeed, that's why I mentioned the DAC fuse value...but it's often advised to use oversized PSU's in audio, prolly the reason why the Supplier is 0.5A

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Good point. But I'd run the PSU in its own faraday cage, and both the Spitfire and 01USD also have their own...anyway, yes I guess I could get away w/ a 0.3A transformer instead of 0.5A for the Spitfire.
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Don't worry about it too much.. 
Its like if I were trying to decide if I wanted to eat a .32lb hamburger or a .35lb hamburger.  First off, It doesn't really matter much, and second off, you're not going to find a hamburger in those exact sizes.  Find & use the closest one you can find.
iirc, faraday cages are designed to work for rf interference... not the low-frequency magnetic interference you'll see from a transformer.
The distance between the components will effectively keep the noise out.

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