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Is my M50 genuine?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by zzziizzz, Feb 6, 2011.
  1. zzziizzz
    So, just get my ATH M50 =D (after about 1 month of shipping)
    I am worried about the sound, it doesnt sound as i expected them to sound.
    And i saw on some photos of users that its a little different
    Here are some photos:
    http://img228.imageshack.us/i/001dex.jpg/            ---- the color is black on mine and "steel" on his
    http://img46.imageshack.us/i/003mbr.jpg/             ----- the spring is different
    Some photos:
    And the one i`m comparing to:
    Well, i'll burn them tonight to see if sound improves..
  2. eriktheg
    First of all, do you mind taking a higher quality picture? =]    
    *edit~ I read through real fast and thought that link was your picture. sorry*
    Second of all, 1 month shipping = from China a lot of times.
    But also note that burn-in time is expected up to 100 hours.
    Check your box where it was made.
    Also check if the logo on both sides looks the same, not mirrored.
  3. zzziizzz
    1 month shipping is because i'm from brazil =D
    The M50 is from Asavings (ebay) and they shipped from New York
    I'll also burn in them tonight, do you think pink noise is needed?
    I know that kind of off topic, and dont wanting to waste more of ur time, but what EQ settings u think will sound better for punk-rock music (mostly The Offspring, Green Day and Rise Against) ?
  4. eriktheg
    To burn them in, just play through your library of music at the same volume you listen to or just a tad bit louder. Using pink noise will do nothing special to the burn-in process.
    I prefer the EQ to be flat for rock hip-hop etc., but others have their opinions..
  5. zzziizzz
    (to see the mirroed thing)
    Made in Taiwan
  6. ziweiwu
    I have the same m50 as yours. same thing happend to me . they don't sound as good as I expected. lol we are on same boat. also from asavvings. 

  7. ziweiwu
    watch your laptop setting. disable audio surround and sound enhancer if u have them enabled. or use your mp3 player to test m50. At beginning i forgot to disable my realteck surround sound, it made my m50 sound terrible. 
  8. b0klau
    those look identical to mine... although mine are the older blue box version which have a tad more bass, while the white box version (the one you have) is more neutral and balanced.
    It could just be that the m50 isn't the right headphone for you, as everyone has different ears.
  9. eriktheg
    Those look pretty genuine to me.
    Make sure you have a nice DAC or soundcard, and not some AC97 audio if you think the sound isn't so good.
    Also if your listening to really compressed music which most of the world does, you won't get the full effect that you expected.
  10. zzziizzz

    It looks like genuine, but i'll wait till i burn in them.
    Or maybe the M50 is just overhyped and we are expecting too much from them.
    Have you burned in yours?
  11. ziweiwu
    I guess I need lossless music. 
  12. gitf03
    They look genuine for me but then the quality of the pictures isn't great. Maybe you can make a better picture of the headband or the plug that you say differs from the other one. The ring on the cups is reflecting on a genuine M50.
    What exactly doesn't sound as expected? How do you use them (source, maybe amp.. )?
  13. ziweiwu
    I did, two weeks now. I have nothing to compare with since this is my only headphone.  I am  also getting a koss c75 headphone in few days, from that point.. I can have an idea how they compare. I wouldn't say m50 i have is bad, it sounds pretty amazing, just that we are expecting too much. burn in for 100 hours see what happends. 
  14. zzziizzz

    I'm using rythmbox (ubuntu) and no EQ from my iphone

    I noticed that, i'm not a basshead so it doesn't make so much diferrence to me. (You don't have idea on how much time i spent reading of the m50 on this forum)
    Yea, it could be that too, but i think switching headphones is not an option now (dont want to wait 1 month again, lol), i'll burn them in for 50 hours to see what happens
    It's not that they don't sound good, they do sound good, but not what I expected.
    I will compare my m50 to my friend's RPH TX7, that is supposed to be worse than mine (his is already burned in)

  15. ziweiwu

    I use linux too. like the music player you mentioned. 


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