Is LUXMAN - P-1u still in the top tier?
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If I could get a Luxman P1u for $1200 I would buy it in a heartbeat.  Used looks more like $2k out here, at that price better to get balanced.

i seem them around for 1.7k and is the 120v version
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i seem them around for 1.7k and is the 120v version

When I sold mine earlier this year, I got around $1.5k on a local sale (120v). At that price, it is a very nice amp. At the $3k that I originally paid, it's a bit much. 
That's not to say it isn't a stunning performer though. I really enjoyed it for what it was. 
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I heard this amp coupled with the HD800 in Japan, and it was easily the best I have heard. Next to it was the Stax SRM007t II with the SR007, and it came nowhere near the quality of the p1u with the HD800s in my opinion. I am moving back and forth between Europe and the US, so I need an amp that will let me switch between voltages... Does anyone know what amps resemble the P1u to go with the HD800s - is the Burson 160D in any way comparable?
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Thought so... Are there any other recommendations? Lehmann Linear? Maybe the new Sennheiser HDVD 800 will be the best bet...


A lot of us really like the Violectric V200. Pairs well with HD800 as well as LCD2 (and most everything else but those are two standouts).

On the cheap, the Matrix M-Stage is a Lehmann BCL clone that does sound quite nice with the HD800. For under $300 it is worth trying.
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I picked up a P-1 (100v version) from a fellow head-fier, and it is without question the best amp I've heard. It's only been a couple of weeks since I've had it, and even less time since I've switched to the balanced XLR inputs from RCAs.
I've read that it's a a great match with HD800, but I've only been able to test out that headphone very briefly on a couple of occasions. Would be interested to hear other opinions on this. Compared to the HeadAmp GS-1, which I also like a lot, this amp is in a whole other league. Haven't tried out my HE-5LE or RS1 yet to compare...
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my wallet wants to run away now 


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