Is it worth Replacing my GilmoreLite Amp for the Objective 02? Help
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Jun 28, 2001
I was given as a gift an O2 Amplifier from my brother. I have not opened the box since I don't want him to have to pay restocking fees. Here is my dilemma. The Gilmore lite AMP that I have paired with my HD650's is over 11 years old.

So I am wondering since that time it seems alot of advancements have been made in Headphone amps since back then dedicated Headphone amps were only being made by a few companies. So is the Objective 2 Amp more advanced and better than mu old Gilmore lite. IS the Gilmore Outdated compared to the O2.

One thing I noticed with the O2 is it uses a 3.5mm input jack at the front of the unit which dopes not make sense for a deakstop amp. He bought me the Mayflower Desktop O2 Amp, not the portable version. Strange it does not use RCA inputs.

Anyhow any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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Oct 29, 2001
That's a nice gift from your brother! Having said that, the Gilmore Lite is a classic. I wouldn't replace it with an O2. In fact, I wouldn't replace it with a lot of amps currently being sold on the market regardless of cost.

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