Is it worth building an amp for speakers
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I'll soon buy bookshelf speakers and i'd like to know if there is a diy project for speaker amp better than a cheap nad amp (like nad c315) but not as much expensive as a beta 22.


Whe you ask the question "Is it worth building..." . That's a hard question to answer. The DIY work here can be very expensive to START if you don't have all the supplies and tools. So my answer to you is: it depends.

If you have all the tools and supplies than go for it. Build a 41 Hz or a gainclone amp. I have a the NAD c315 in my livingroom and I love it. I also have a 41hz Amp6 I built that I love even more because I built it and it sounds great! I also have a factory built T amp I bought for about 36$ CND that is pretty darn good. It's low cost makes me smile when I use it.

If you have the DIY bug than do it you won't regret just remember that extra costs involved (not to mention what your time is worth).

I echo others when they tell you to also pick efficient speakers if you are going to use one of these lower power amps.

Have fun,
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Originally Posted by cassegrain /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Thanks for your answers, i've got another question, will a lm 3875 based gainclone be able to drive qef iq9 speakers?

They are 91db sensitivity - which means the sound will be 91 decibels when the speakers are powered by ONE watt, from one meter away. This is not the best sensitivity, but not bad either.. Which type of gainclone design is this, inverted or non-inverted? I believe power output is different, but both should be around 50W RMS, which is plenty for speakers of that sensitivity in a normal sized room.

If my math is right, this should provide you with around 108db of actual output at 50W. You need to consider the size of your room though, if you were listening in a stadium, you'd need much more power.

90-95db is the level at which prolonged exposure can cause hearing damage. 110 is described as the same amount of volume as a power saw at 1 meter.

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