Is it strange that i prefer the dual driver Brookstones over the Sleek SA6's?
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Sep 14, 2010
A few months ago i found a pair of the dual driver Brookstones (the ddm2 clones) at my local staples. Ive had the SA6's for a while and have always liked them, but i think i now prefer the Brookstones. I did some A/B'ing and they sound similar but i think the Brookstones just sound ever so slightly better. They have the same basic sound signature but the Brookstones sound more dynamic, more natural, bigger and seem to have more sparkle. I doubt many people have heard both, so i dont expect many other comparisons, but this is just my opinion on the two. For the price of both, the Brookstones are a steal at 60 bucks, and the Sleeks go for $200.

If anybody has tried both, post your comments.

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