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Is it safe to leave my portable headphone amp plugged in?

  1. JustASnack
    Sorry if this isn't the right forum to post this. I couldn't figure if there was anywhere better.

    I've recently purchased a used Oppo HA-2 for use at my office desktop and for when travelling. Considering that plugging into a PC for audio input also charges the device, would it be wise to leave it plugged in when not being used? Or should I only leave it plugged in whenever using? Obviously, my aim is to wear out the battery as little as possible.

    Thanks for your help in advance :)
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Plugging and unplugging way too often can have a more noticeable wear and tear than leaving it plugged in. Unless the computer isn't on a surge protector and lightning hits your power lines leaving it plugged in when you leave it isn't going to harm it, other than if you do that at work and somebody steals it.

    Also regardless of whether you're using it or not the continuous charging will heat up the battery. Which is why it has that button on the side with a battery logo. Wihtout looking at the manual I'm going to assume that disables the charging, so hit that button when the battery is fully charged. My Ibasso D-Zero has a switch for that and the charging light changes to bright green when it's full. Just don't let it drain completely so every other day or so (depending on your usage) let it charge and then hit the switch when it's full. I charge my D-Zero every week but that's because I'm mostly using its line out to desktop speakers and only about a four hours per week driving IEMs.
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  3. Monsterzero
    I used to leave a Chord Mojo plugged in 24/7 as a desktop DAC. Even asked Chord if that was cool. They said "No problem".
    Fast forward about 9 months,the battery was so shot that it wouldnt even work when plugged in. Contacted Chord again,and they said "yeah,you dont want to leave it plugged in full time":confused:
    To Chord's credit,they did fix it free of charge.
    Perhaps your device has a better battery,I have no idea,but just sharing my experience.
  4. assassin10000
    If it uses Ni-cd or Lithium batteries then NO. They stress when fully charged. Charge it and unplug. If storing charge to 70-85% and then store.
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