Is it possible to upgrade Luxman P-1u?
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Jul 22, 2011
Just want to know if it is possible to upgrade Luxman P-1u?
At first I am thinking about installing DACT CT2 stereo attenuator. And what about input selector - DACT CT3-6-2/wire will fit and be a good option I suppose. Does P-1u let me to do this upgrades?
Maybe there are some better attenuators and input selectors?
Then I am planning to install better internal wiring and connectors (WBT?).
I hope this upgrades will make P-1u sound even better.
I would be very pleased if you could help me.
P. S. I just do not want to touch internal scheme as I am afraid it can affect tonal balance.
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Im not sure if this is possible. Looking at this it does not look like a simple upgrade. It looks to me like the Luxman controls the volume with something more advanced than an alps pot...
If you think you can go ahead with this, then visit the Goldpoint website and a have a browse, I have a Goldpoint and I love it. Some say it is a notch above Dact but I never tried a Dact so that is only hearsay to me. All I know is that the Goldpoint is very good. Will it improve the Luxman? I don't know. Keep us up to date on your progress please.
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