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Is it possible to repair wiring in right cup on HD668B?

  1. zightbaoe
    Is it possible to repair wiring in  right cup on HD668B? I believe the wiring is messed up in the right cup of my headphones (or atleast someone on these forums said so.) Is it possible to repair and if so how? I bought these on amazon. Is there a warranty? I am looking on the box and seeing nothing about returns or waranty. I have had them just over 2 months now. If nothing else which is better for battlefield 4 gaming, the AD700x or hd 558s? Thanks in advanced.
  2. AzixTGO
    hey guy. I fixed mine so yeah if the damage is not too bad you can open it up and fix. The circular part with the writing pops out and theres a screw there to be removed.

    If the damage is further beyond that then I don't know

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