Is it possible to increase comfort of the V-Moda M-80?
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Nov 11, 2012
I just received the m-80 3 days ago. They sound good, but they hurts my ear so much!. Especially the left one. In the bottom inside of my ear. I tried to twist it like from Innerfidelity and also gave it time to break in... I listened to it 3 hours each day already. Though they did improve a bit today, IT still hurts, should I wait for them to break in or should I just return them? Does any body have this problem, when after 30 minutes of use, the inner of your ear (not like inside where the canal are) it's like at the bottom but not outside bottom, where the headphone just squish your ears at that part. 
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Although the pads are causing discomfort the problem is most likely caused by the headband still being tight (new) . Maybe try stretching the headphones over a few books at night, let the headband break in,
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Did you also just got these headphones recently? I have changed my mind completely after to day. Wow, they are so comfortable now, I'm currently listening to them for 30 minutes and my ears have not been pain at all so far. These headphones really benefit from breaking in! I think after 24 hours of breaking in (so about 4-5 days since you cant listen to them all day), they will really get comfortable. Too bad they caused so much pain at the beginning. IT is all good now though. 
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Really I find the padding to be a bit thin, and narrow, which takes away from the comfort. Anyway to change that, or I am forced to return them in favor of the DNAs I am comparing them too. 
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have you try to adjust the headband? I have a pretty small head and I only pull out one notch. After 2 weeks of use, it is literally like a pilloy for me now. I think these headphones require lots of burning in and it feels good if you actually endure the pain a little. If you try it on for 1 hour a day for 2 weeks and its not good, then its probably not for you. I don't think theres any earpad alternative, but I dont know you may be able to check that online. 

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