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Is it okay to buy refurbished headphones?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ivantoar, Feb 12, 2012.
  1. ivantoar
    When I was looking for Sennheiser HD-598 prices, I saw this site
    They are selling refurbished Sennheiser HD-598 at $170 and this site is listed in Sennheiser authorized online retailer. I can't say no to the price they offer, however it is refurbished item and I'm unsure about the quality and durability. It is advisable to buy refurbished headphones? In general, how is their quality and durability compare to brand new headphones?
  2. scottie584
    Says factory refurbed, might be worth a shot. Probably won't be that much different to a new pair, except maybe some slight cosmetic damage like scuffs and scratches.
  3. alv4426
    I would wait; I dont know if amazon will ship to you but $170 is the price they sell 598s for new on frequent intervals.
  4. ivantoar
    Okay thanks. That will be no problem then. I don't mind scratches as long as they're reasonable.
    Most of sellers in Amazon won't ship to Singapore, too bad.
  5. aleki
    I wouldnt worry about it. Those drivers are very high quality, and can be pushed quite hard. My cousin discovered this after trying something I told him not to do (crank the e9 all the way to 11); they were so loud, I could hear the headphones downstairs in the livingroom [​IMG]
    The refurbs could be from the first batch that had headband splitting issues (by the cup, not the middle), or customer returns. Either way, I doubt you'll get a b-grade product.
  6. ivantoar


    Super! Thanks. I'll surely buy this one if my decision of taking 598 is final.
  7. TopCaliber
    Damn, What a deal. I would get if I had some cash on me atm. 
  8. koc
    With respect to all the replies, refurbished could be a defective item has been repaired.
    I bought before a refurbished laptop, and it has a series issue in the screen, then i return it back.
  9. TopCaliber


    Has a warranty. 
  10. ivantoar
    This one has a factory warranty. Should there be a problem with the item, it wouldn't be an issue IF I live in the States. I can send the item back in couple days. However, I live in SE Asia, so I guess that will take weeks to reach there. The process can be painfully long.
    It is a deal. I'll save approximately $115 by buying that instead of brand new sold in the city I'm residing.
  11. aleki

    It really comes down to who does the refurbishing. Some people use third parties, and others are just plain bad at it (AKA, monstercable). From what I read, Sennheiser provides a 90 day warranty on their house refurbished items, and go through quality testing before being passed on.
    PS: I have a refurbished dell laptop, and that thing is insanely well built; however, it is a business grade model.
  12. willowbrook
    I don't know if its too late, but I'm getting my factory refurbished DT1350 in a couple of days. I will quickly post regarding the sound quality :)
  13. awtryau89
    I posted in an earlier thread about this. Call Sennheiser and get their take. It should make you feel better.
  14. willowbrook
    Finally got mine :) The factory refurbished Sennheiser was good as new. Even might be better than the one I listened to at a headphone store. It had no scratches, had perfect sound although a bit flat because it was just out of the box, hoping it will get better along burn in. It has a 90 day additional warranty, so I am extremely happy with mine. 

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