is it just me?
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Jan 7, 2005
taking a break from my history hw

when wearing earbuds does the left bud feel loser than the right?

im pretty sure its my ear funnel(not the lobes and ear itself) being different from the right one

its always fascinated me
how could this happen?

have any of u tried those ratshack's silicone thingies instead of fomaies
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everyone's ear canals are slightly different from each other. it's more pronounced in some people, though. the ear canal is actually formed by the joining of groups of cells on each side of your body, independent from one another. it's a lot more complicated than that, but i don't anyone really cares that much. it's probably a bigger deal that they are even close to the same size, rather than weird that theyre different.
my right ear canal is slightly larger than my left.
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Yeah, same here. I use a cut pair of tri-flanges on my E5C's, and although they stay in relatively well while sitting down, if I exercise with them, the left one always seems to slowly slide out while the right one stays in.
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Y'know, I always wondered why more companies didn't go the route Sony did when they designed their Sport line of headphones (canalphones + headband). Used to have a pair of those as a kid, and they stayed on through all kinds of bumpy bike rides--I never paid much attention to things like road rules, property lines, or fences.
Seems like the Etys and similar would benefit from this setup. ...Hmm, I smell a hardware hack
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Originally Posted by timcwoo
if you sleep on one side alot your ear will get squashed...

but i usually sleep on the side with the ear that sticks out...

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