Is Dx90 MINI AUDIO and DX90 IBASSO AUDIO is different models or both are same.
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May 22, 2015
Hi guy's my order of Dx90 it comes yesterday.actually i ordered it from but i received it with 'Jaben' taged on box. Jaben is Hong kong seller.they have their own website... and invoices that i get from delivery guy there mentioned seller name is 'Arista electronic company'...:fearful: on the box of Ibasso Dx90 name is "DX90 MINI AUDIO" but i saw on Amazon. Box named "DX90 IBASSO AUDIO" there any difference between DX90 IBASSO AUDIO and DX90 MINI AUDIO. Is Dx90 mini audia is different Model. Or both are same ?....i am worrying is it fake or what. Please guys help me...any one know "DX90 MINI AUDIO is different model then Plane IBASSO DX90 AUDIO...please help me and tell me if anyone know.:cry:

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