is Arial7good ? which model should i buy ?
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Jun 9, 2010

 i went to the Arial 7 website and saw some really sickk headphones .. i just wanna find out about the sound quality.. can someone tell me about their sound quality?? i'll be listening to rock n stuff so i dont really care about the bass .. i'm looking for some funky headphones...
i saw three models .. TANK, CHOPPERS AND MATADOR .. can somebody tell me which ones the best .. the colours are available for all of them so i'm just looking for best sound ...
k so i wanna know which ones are closed? coz i kinda want closed ones ..
does the sound distort at high volumes(in any of them) ?? 
basically i wanna know about their sound quality or which model is better ...
PS- i know they're not the best headphones but they are the best funky ones after skullcandy ..




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