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Is anyone know the name of this cable ?

  1. HeldE
    I found it in Taiwan shop 
    Do you know name of this cable? and how much is it.
    Ps. Can you guide me about replace cable for um3x.that price about 100 + - 
    Sorry for my bad english
  2. Xymordos
    A LOT of cable in China/TW/HK looks like that...you need to see what writings there are on the cable. 
  3. HeldE
    The shop's owner said that this cable is from UE and its write UE on the cable
  4. anetode
    It looks like a Katherine to me. Well, maybe not, let's just name it Cathy the Cable.
  5. Xymordos
    It is definitely NOT from UE. What she probably meant was "This cable is FOR UE". There are a lot of cables like this, and I really do suggest you to go back and look at what writings there are on the cable.
  6. tomscy2000
    I know where that cable comes from; it's a 7N OCC copper cable from a local cable maker. His cables are actually pretty decent, but he uses those silly-looking connectors, which have that 'UE' stamp for some odd reason.
    But, no, the cable isn't from UE, nor is the connector from UE. I also know the shop owner, who's a pretty honest guy, and he probably meant that the connector was designed for UE pins, and adapted for the Westone/JH pins (through a polarity reversal).
    Regarding replacement cables, Westone's official distributor in Taiwan is ThinkingGroup, and unfortunately they don't import EPIC cables for sellers in Taiwan, so you'll either need to buy a third-party cable like this one, or find one overseas, on eBay or something else.

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