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Is a new ear impression required for every custom IEM I buy?

  1. balu_613
    This is an issue that puzzles me.
    I bought a JH13 Pro from JH Audio in 2009. When I called JH Audio a couple of years later to order a JH16, I was surprised to learn that though they had my ear impressions from my previous order, I'll have to send them a new set of impressions. When I asked why they can't use the impressions that were used for the earlier order, I was told that those impressions may not be accurate anymore since the shape (and size?) of our ears change with age. I can understand that being true for younger people, but does that apply to everyone? If that is true, I am wondering why people are willing to pay $1000 - $2000 for custom fit monitors that may be no better (if not worse) than universal fits in a couple of years. Anyway, I tried my JH13 on today and found that it appears to fit as well as it used to ...
  2. JAG87
    Your ear and nose never stop growing. I found that my JH16 made with 2011 impressions are quite a bit smaller and looser fitting than my Roxanne made with 2014 impressions. And regarding your other thought about people buying CIEMs, you can always get a refit down the road. It's not difficult to add a thin layer of acrylic to tighten the fit.

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