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iQube V1, a great performing and very musical portable amp

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by ctm, Nov 4, 2010.
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  1. ctm
    For Sale
    This is the first version iQube I bought from a forum member.  Included are a mini-to-mini cable, a USB charger, literature and original packaging.  This portable amp's SQ is terrific, which suited me well until I got rid of my portable dac/amp.  I've since acquired a Stepdance, which has no DAC.  So this will help to raise needed funds for another portable dac/amp.  In fact I would not mind getting the iQube V2 to replace it.  This V1 is in excellent working condition and has just a few small scuffs on the side of the battery cover.  Apparently it was tricky for the previous owner to get the battery cover off.  Looking to get $365USD obo.  This is a huge savings from the current retail price of $549.  Send a PM with your offer or questions.  Thanks.
    iQube V1 complete package
  2. ctm
    Price reduced for this fine portable amp.  The ad was also revised to included info about its operational and cosmetic condition. 
  3. ctm
    Still for sale.  Send a PM with questions or offers.  Thanks.
  4. ctm
  5. ctm
    Bump. Send PM with questions out offer.
  6. ctm
    To the top.  This excellent amp is still available.
  7. Joe-Siow
    Is this still for sale? I tried to PM you with no reply.
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