iQube a big success, *NOW AVAILABLE AGAIN*
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Sep 12, 2005
Due to the big success of the iQube portable amplifier we are nearly sold out of the first batch of iQubes.

The sales went much quicker then I ever anticipated and we could not ramp up new production to meet the demand so quickly.

So the status is as follows: We have a few units left before we are sold out for the next weeks to come.

Don't worry we will have new units in stock but it will take a while. I guess we will be able to deliver new units somewhere around late November.

Sorry but that's the way it is.

I would like to say thank you to all those that contributed to this great success! THANK YOU!!

Hans Oosterwaal
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Congratulations, Hans!!!
Really happy for you and your staff, and thank you for your continued support of Head-Fi.

Now, come up with a DAC to complement the iQube soon before I'm tempted to buy something else.

Congratulations to all at Qables!
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Keep an eye out on this forum, I am soon to announce some news

And thanks for your nice words!

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Well we are back on track again. As of January we can supply iQubes V1 again.


Thanks for all your patience.

I can also inform you that in January we will start the separate sale of top and bottom covers. A lot of people requested that because the rubber paint was coming of or scratched.
A single cover will cost 35 euro (so 70 euro per set). They will come available for order in the Qables/iQube webshop.


Hans Oosterwaal.
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Hi Hans,

I just bought one of your i-Qube from a local retailer about less than a week ago. It has already shown signs of slight peeling of the black paint at the edge of the case.

Will you be considering a change of materials or coating used for that part of the case?

I really love the i-Qube btw. Thanks for making such a good product a joy to use.

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Hi, The V1 is fully available again after being sold out for the third time.

This is really a success I had never dreamed of! I only wish we could ramp up production quicker.

Well anyway.

As of this production batch the iQubes have a new paint. It is now a two layer application. The first one is a primer and the second one the rubber touch feel paint layer. We have done several tests and the paint is for sure much more durable.

The replacement panels that we sell are also with the new paint.

We do not foresee nor plan a change in colours of different material. the V1 will stay as it is with black rubber touch feel paint.

The V2 will have a limited edition series with white High gloss paint.


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Haven't posted here in months, but I received the e-mail today and thought I'd come by. You were a pleasure to deal with a year or two ago, and I'm glad your amp is being recognized as well as it is.

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