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iPod Touch vs. iPod Classic

  1. hi-fi amateur
    I just want to know which one provides better SQ. I am aware that the iTouch 5th gen sounds pretty good from reading around the forums, but how does it compare to the classic.
  2. BillsonChang007

    No matter how good do the iPod sound, it is still incomparable with other brand for the same price. Apple plays no game when it comes to audio performance. For the same price, I would rather go for the FiiO X3, I'm sure it sound a lot better than any iPods.

    Unfortunately, it is hard to find any DAP with friendly user interface like Apple. That's where the Apple iPods value comes from

    Hope this helps!
    Billson :)
  3. skamp
    Recent iPods are perfectly transparent. The latest iPod Touch is slightly better than the iPod Classic, with an excellent output impedance of just 0.75Ω, vs. 5.5Ω for the Classic.
  4. Brooko Contributor
    @ BillsonChang007

    Curious - how many iPod models have you listened to, what have you compared with, and did you volume match in your comparisons? Genuinely interested because of the number of times I see the old "iPod is inferior in SQ to xxx player". Whilst I haven't heard the uber expensive DAPs that are around at the moment - I can say with both my Touch G4 and iPhone4 that IMO they are every bit as good as the Cowons I've owned or tried (includes iAudio 7 and J3).

    Also interested in this direct comparison. ^^
    What do you like better than on the X3 and what model iPod/Touch were you comparing with? So far I've seen the X3 only gets max ~ 10hrs battery life, and they're having quite a few issues with firmware .......


    OP - get yourself along to an Apple store - tell the staff you're looking to compare. Take your own headphones. Nothing beats listening to them with your own ears! We can't tell you what your preference will be.

    I can tell you that the iPod Touch 5th Gen sounds pretty good to these ears - and it would have been my choice if I was looking for an upgrade. Add an EQ app - and it's a pretty good DAP.

    I'm not an Apple fanboy either (I run Linux on a couple of my PCs) - but credit where credit is due - their DAPs sound pretty good to me.
  5. BillsonChang007
    I have tested iTouch 4, iNano 3/6/7, iClassic 80GB/160GB, iPhone 1/4/4s/5, iPad 2/3. I didn't test the volume differences as I do not find the volume to be a big issue unless it is too low for anything or too loud. I tested them with my XBA-4.

    All the iNanos generation that I have tested have this thin and rolled off bass with XBA-4. Same goes to the iPhone 1. iClassic 80GB have this V-shape sound and untidy bass with XBA-4. iPhone 4/4S have much better sound with the XBA-4. iPad2/3 with the XBA-4 sound more or less the same as the 4/4s but I do find the iPad to have better SQ.

    Sorry if I am comparing with the output impedance of the device too much since the XBA-4 have a impedance of 8Ohm at 1KHz

    Billson :)
  6. Brooko Contributor
    But giving general advice to OP based on a single and unusual IEM is not really constructive - don't you think?
  7. BillsonChang007
    I guess you are right! Thank you for the knowledge :)
    Billson :D
  8. hi-fi amateur
    I would just buy a portable amp/dac and be done with this whole ordeal but I also would rather not carry around a bulky rig while I'm out and about. I guess I will just stay with the iTouch 4th gen for now and upgrade whenever I run out of storage capacity. Thank you all for your input.
  9. X-Ravin
    I just recently bought an iTouch 5th gen actually.  I chose it as my DAP for 2 reasons.  The first is that it is an awesome interface as a music player or as a small web connected device.  The second is because I've generally seen reviews that state the iTouch 5 is a good DAP for IEMs.
    Now for my primary use, the SQ doesn't matter because I run the digital out to a CLAS Solo -db which then drives an RSA Protector.  However, sometimes I just want to pop in my old TF10s and listen to music while walking or doing yardwork.  IE times I don't want to get my JH16s and high end equipment all sweaty.
    Since I'm still waiting on getting the CLAS Solo until later this week, I have been listening straight from the iTouch with the TF10s and I have to say I'm surprised, it's quite good for coming straight from a non-audiophile DAP.  I'd say it's on par with the sound quality from my Fiio E10 I had been using, if perhaps slightly less 3 dimensional, but only slightly.  Of course, this is only true with IEMs.  HD650s, for example, are going to sound pathetic on anything that doesn't have a sturdy amplifier.
    So there you have it.  The iTouch has the potential to be a good ultra-portable, an excellent transportable, and at the same time it has access to the App Store and iTunes for when you really have a song stuck in your head while away from home.

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