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iPod Touch good enough?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by hi-fi amateur, Jul 20, 2013.
  1. hi-fi amateur
    Hello, I was wondering how good a source an mp3 device like the iPod Touch was compared to other similarly priced mp3 devices around. I am aware that the iPod may not bring out the best in my music library relative to other more refined devices, but how much am I missing out on? Would upgrading to a different device really make a big difference or am I simply nitpicking here?
  2. hi-fi amateur
    Also, can I use a portable DAC with my idevice or am I better off buying a new DAP?
  3. Froststep
    Why dont you rockbox it or get some equalizer apps to improve the sound quality a bit? 
    You can add Flac files with rockbox they are better quality than mp3's and the standard ipod so
    ftware cant support them.
  4. Froststep
    whoops wrong thread
  5. goodvibes
    Ignore those posts. He didn't sleep at a Holiday Inn express and fell out of bed.
    The Ipod touch 5g is plenty good, can play wav and ALAC (apple lossless) native. There are also plenty of apps that allow for FLAC and EQ as well.
    It cannot be rockboxed nor needs to be. It's much more versatile than Rockbox could ever be. The touch 4g had a better amp stage than the 3g but the line out wasn't as good so tradeoffs depending on what you drove. 5g touch is just VG, with a low output impedance and the best one yet.
    Use it as is. This is supposed to be portable.
  6. hi-fi amateur

    So in your opinion, does the 5th gen iTouch provide noticeably better SQ than the 4th gen? If so I may upgrade.
  7. musicheaven
    Just want to add a some more to the your query, I have tried the Touch 5G and found it to be quite good, as good and some times feel better than the Classic 7th gen. I would use it as a dap source, you can also use the cypher labs algorhythm solo -db DAC and you got yourself a sweet combination. The only thing is you'll need a lightning to 30-pin converter to work with the DAC.
    To be honest though I prefer the video 5 gen iMod version with a good set of caps.
  8. AmbientK
    Remember you get more then a source device, and you'll miss that screen than on any other device.
  9. hi-fi amateur
    Would you guys recommend the latest 5th gen iPod touch or any iteration of the iPod classic? I've decided to hone in on either one of these iPod models. I just want the best apple dap I can find.
  10. musicheaven
    I own the iPod classic 7th gen and as I said find the touch pretty much up there but to be honest my favorite is still the iPod video 5th gen I just find it sounding better and even more so with my imod and better caps.
  11. hi-fi amateur
    Not sure what you're referring to with imod or caps but I suppose I could look into said device.
  12. musicheaven
    There is a thread on this forum that discusses this modification roughly it allows using the Woflson ic output stage directly and remove the marginal components on the chip output path and replace it with good quality capacitors. It improves the sound quality.
  13. Froststep
    Yeah sorry, hadnt read the post properly.
    But what does this even mean???
  14. Berkovajazz
    I like Cirrus Ligic dacs better. Because i like hard styles of music and Cirrus does a good job better.
    iTouch5G + even -+E11 sounds better than HSA Studio just 3.5+3.5.
    Without Amp iTouch5 is still one of the best players up to 300$.
  15. musicheaven

    Really a matter of taste but I listen to every conceivable Apple iPod and the ones with the Wolfson dac sounds so much better, even more as an imod. I find the Cirrus logic dac too clinical for my taste.

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