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iPod Touch 8GB (2nd gen) + Agent18 hardshell case ---- PRICE DROP

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  1. IPodPJ
    For Sale
    I'm selling my black iPod Touch 8GB (2nd gen), plus hardshell Agent18 Case.  $89.
    The case alone cost $30.
    The iPod is in virtually flawless condition as I rarely ever used it and almost always kept it in the case.  The back is still a perfect mirror finish (with maybe one or two tiny tiny scuffs).  I only used it as a remote control for my audio system, but I have an iPhone 4S and an iPad 2 now so I don't need this.  As you can see from the pics, I doubt there are too many out there in this quality condition.
    I may still even have the original packaging for it, not sure.  I do not have the earbuds, nor the USB Sync cable.  Besides, if you're a member of Head-Fi you're not using those earbuds anyway but you'll need to purchase a sync cable online for a buck (at Amazon.com or Monoprice.com)
    Buyer pays shipping costs plus PayPal fees, or can come pay cash for local pickup in the Los Angeles, CA area.
    See the link in my signature for A+ feedback (did more selling before the new system was implemented).
    PM me if interested.
    Thanks for looking!
  2. haydeno
    Would you consider 80?
  3. IPodPJ
    Sorry, no.  The lowest I'd go is $100 $95 $89.  It is still an iPod Touch after all, and I'd rather keep it and use it for a backup remote than give it away.
  4. tjohnusa
    Where can you get a synch cable for a buck?
  5. tjohnusa
    Hello...is this thing on?
  6. IPodPJ
    Monoprice.com or Amazon.com
  7. IPodPJ
    Price drop to $89
  8. kcwayu
    PM Sent
  9. IPodPJ
    I sent you pics, and added them to this thread.  Still waiting for a reply.
    Still available for anyone who wants it.
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