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iPod Touch 7th Generation (2019)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by alwass89, May 28, 2019.
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  1. gazzington
    On a different note, may be better to just buy an iPhone as it does two jobs at once!
  2. Jmop
    I don’t know.. for me, there’s nothing like having a device just for music :)
  3. Redcarmoose
    Plus they are super small. Amazing size.
  4. stonesfan129
    You can also get 256gb of storage on the 7th gen where the 6 only offers 128gb maximum.
  5. Jmop
    I’m good with 128 but that increase will definitely be a high selling point for others.
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  6. Jmop
    Everyone knows the real money is in the strap loop on the 5th gen.
  7. ruthieandjohn
    Here is a recent piece about the iPod Touch (2019). https://link.medium.com/J78r0sXvSZ

    It indicates a capability to play FLAC files, which the specs from Apple confirm. I don’t think that the earlier iPods did.

    I wonder... is it at all capable of higher sampling rates and bit depths beyond redbook CD, as well? Does it do “HiRes” audio?
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  8. Redcarmoose
    I don’t use the 6th Gen Touch for hi-res files ever. But I do remember reading about folks downloading hi-res files from Apple. Also I used the VLC player and remember playing hi-res files though the older Touch playback had a limit of 16bit-48kHz if I remember right? So it’s the DAC chip as the limit here. Don’t see much spec on the DAC chip for the Gen 7 Touch out there. It seems hi-res DAC character is not one of the target group’s priorities? Foobar2000 application also allows anyone to use FLAC and hi-res files, though if it still gets along with the latest operating system; I’m not sure.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2019
  9. Redcarmoose
    Decided to test the 6th Generation Touch for hi-res FLAC playback.

    OS 12.4.1 does support Foobar2000 and VLC players playing 44.1kHz-24bit hi-res FLAC, using IPod Touch 6th generation. But no ITunes does not accept FLAC except to transfer it to the Foobar2000 player or VLC player IPod application. Pretty sure it’s playback is 16/48 though, due to the DAC chip?

    436314B0-CAA0-474D-8D6F-80169215AA44.png DE9EF366-64D3-4A8B-AC82-F04C00D5B515.png
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2019
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  10. ruthieandjohn
    @Redcarmoose , thanks for checking.

    Does anyone know of an iPad app to wirelessly remote control an iPod playing music, perhaps via iTunes? It would need to have a song/album/playlist selection ability, not just simple transport function. That way, you can play your DAP through a speaker system using wired line out to the system for quality, but sit on the other side of the roomin the speakers’ sweet spot controlling music selection.
  11. elfary
    There are three kinds of music listeners:

    - Those who do not know about sound.

    - Those who do know about sound (People that has read scientific literature about it like Bob Katz's 'Mastering Audio').

    - Those who do not know about sound (People that indulge themselves on farums but ignore scientific papers and books) but think that they know. Those are very dangerous for their own wallets and for other people wallets.

    Only the latter tier of music listeners crave for hi res programs as they do not know that when you add the noise and distorsion from rooms, microphones, dsps, converters and transducers you 'll never can even achive 16 real bits. If you can get away with 12/13 clean bits you have a very nice setup. Because it's not about bits but about significan (Clean) bits. having 15 LSB (Least significant bits) does not add to sound quality while it can boost expectation bias and placebo.

    Hi Res is a must for tracking, mixing and mastering as it helps to put quantization noise well out of the audible range.

    For listening it is pointless. That's why nobody has ever passed an AES blind test. Only a handful of a mastering engineers listening at multimillion dollar mastering studio setups could reliably tell apart.

    iDevices sound fine. Their only caveat is output power which does not allow for listening to hard to drive headphones.

    My 0'02
  12. stonesfan129
    Actually I can hear 192khz. I identify as a bat. But all joking aside, you are right. I found my iDevices to sound fine. Yes my FiiO X3 has a "warmer" sound to it. But that isn't "neutral" sound. I never had any problems with my iPod Touch 6G with my Sennheiser HD598SE headphones but I don't think these headphones are particularly difficult to drive.
  13. Audiowood
    Been using my Ipod after spending thousands on DAP. In the end, I stay with IPOD touch because it can play any apps flawlessly, audible apps and use 3rd party music player. yeah, there is slight tonal differences among DAP but thats about it. The PRAT on IPod touch is really good enough and in fact better than alot of those sub $500 DAP players with balance out and dual dac etc..out there (my own opinion).

    I also recommend the cheap sony A55 walkman. I use the bluetooth function on my Iphone and stream music. It sound as good as well.

    I have sold all my AKs DAP that cost 10X. There is no point really if you are using sensitive IEM/CIEM. of course headphones is a diff ball game. Just my quick 2 cents..
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  14. stonesfan129
    I still like my FiiO M6. I think it gives the iPod Touch a run for its money.
  15. gonzfi
    Can Tidal be used offline on the latest ipod touch? If so the 256gb one with lcdi3/cipher becomes an enticing portable combo....
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