IPOD Touch 2.0 headphone jack compatibility
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I've been looking around for an answer on this, so far I have been unable to turn anything up. I was looking through these pictures:
iFixit — iPod Touch

but I still can't get a definitive answer.

Is this a recessed jack? I have Shure E2Cs and Sennheiser PX 100s that I'd like to pair it up with. I'm still trying to decide if I want to pick one of these up to replace my IPOD 5g 60gb.

I guess the question is, "will it fit". If not, is there a good conversion cable? Is it worth bothering to upgrade? I was hoping for something a bit slimmer for my pocket while still having a fair amount of storage (32gb). Flash memory is also quite nice compared to the HDD, much more durable.

Any feedback would be appreciated. I'm sure I can't be the only person wondering this. I don't think I could stand using apple's pack in headphones, LOL!
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it should be normal. it looks 'recessed' to you because of the very thin sides of the machine, so the actual 'recession' is just where the jack is cut back. even the old touch had a divot in the jack and the nano too. the new one is just more pronounced
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None of those pictures contain an iPod Touch 2G.

There's a first generation iPod Touch, and an old iPhone. The iPhone has a recessed headphone jack.
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Ok, thanks for the pictures. I'm going to pull the trigger. Screw it, there are adapter cables available, so if I find my plugs don't fit (pretty sure the PX100 plug won't be a problem, E2Cs may be another story.

I'll check in once I get it. I've got to order it direct from Apple since no local stores have any in yet. We shall see.

I just had a craving for a new toy. My IPOD Video 60gb 5g served me well, and someone offered to buy it off me. Seems like a good chance for an upgrade. I didn't use even 32GB (although I'm close) for my music collection yet. Having flash memory instead of the slow, clunky hard drive should be an improvement. The interface on this thing truly is something to behold, I suppose that's why there really is so much hype around the product.

Some reports have trickled in, no real talk about severe SQ issues. Heck, I use mine on the bus every day when I'm going to work, so if it's comparable to the current one I have (here's hoping), I see no problem.
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The only product with a recessed jack was the original iPhone. Neither Touch had such a jack.

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Thanks very much for these responses.

I've been pretty bsuy so I haven't had as much of a chance to play with my new Ipod as I would have liked but so far it's nice. SQ wise, I'd say it sounds a little more detailed than my Ipod 5g 60gb, just an initial observation.

As mentioned, the headphone jack works fine with standard headphones, you can actually see part of the metal on the jack it's self where the curve cuts away from the unit but this doesn't seem to cause an issue. The unit holds onto the headphone jack fairly firmly as well.

Anyhow, not really trying to bump this thread, just figured I'd finish it off with final copy since I did end up getting the iPod Touch 2nd gen 32gb. It's a great upgrade from my old iPod, it's very comfortable in my pocket compared to the old one witht he iSkin Evo3.
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Not sure if my Etymotic ER4P plug will indicate but it goes in the jack just fine. I don't think it is recessed.

Pretty impressed with SQ on this new iPod Touch 2G. No hiss at normal listening levels even with my Etys, whereas my old iPod 2G had some hiss. I think the bass is a little better too. The question is if I will keep my current 32GB model or downgrade to the 16GB one to save a little cash.


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