IPOD or Archos?
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Does the gmini have a true line out?
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Originally posted by erikzen
Does the gmini have a true line out?

No, it has a multi-connect audio jack: line in & SPDIF in and Line out/Headphone.

See for picture here: http://www.mobilemag.com/content/100/335/C2564/

Also it can play only mp3, wma and wav, but has encoding functions as well (some people use it with the radio in the remote).
I bought it for the rugged size, the usability with Linux and the cf-slot.

Some people niggle about the user interface: I like it: the big screen and the computer-like usage.
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chazas/erikzen/razputin - glad you are all enjoying your archos players

Let's face it....Archos has always had a bad rap here at Head-fi. From my experience ON CERTAIN MODELS, this is undeserved. There is a loyal Archos following out there...it's just not here.

I agree with that statement... I like my archos device... but I've never fealt the need to fight for it until I came here and I see archos getting **** on in every thread I see about mp3 players... its like some wierd form of bigotry... 'companyism' maybe?

Actually a better example of durability would be how it stands up to normal everyday usage such as repeated use of the input/output jacks, charging/recharging, etc. What you describe above would be an extreme situation and an out-of-warranty repair should damage occur.
I listened to a friend's original jukebox20. He even admits it has some noise floor compared to my 2nd gen 10Gig iPod. Just calling it like I see (hear) it. Granted this is an older archos model and they may have remedied the sonics in newer models that I have not tried - hopefully this is the case. Hopefully the UI has improved too.

I think we are both right there... I think that a portable device should be able to stand up to a certain amount of abuse, but I agree that everyday use is a better qualifier for durability. IMO the current ipod and the current archos devices are equal in that respect.
and as for the original jukebox... everything before the recorder models was sonically inferior to everything that came after... and there have been improvements in their quality since... Quote:

For the record, two of the three Archos I know just died. No dramatic dropping or anything. One day... poof. They were both part of a home system. Archos are well known for this... as is the iPod for surviving drops.

I'm not denying that archos has a reputation for this... and I'm not saying that the reputation is undeserved... but if you look at the units that are dying, they are all older models. I dont think it is fair to lump newer units into this category. Quote:

haha.. no doubt. by all means, my Pod should long be dead. 20-30 drops, no problem. a little dented, a lot scratched, but she's alive and thats what counts.

I wasnt aware that the ipod could stand up to punishment this well... I have heard stories of archos devices being dropped on concrete and not having any problems but a scuffed bumper... [edit: looks like chazas is one of them
] Quote:

Functionally, the Archos is basic. By the standards of these gadgets, it uses pretty old technology. USB 2.0 and drag and drop to load music

how is that old technology? isnt that a hell of a lot better than the players that use proprietary software? I'm confused here... and while the archos doesnt have date book and personal contacts information it does have the ability to record and in the av320's [and gmini] case, opportunity for upgraded functions through hardware [module port] or software.
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One extra comment that I see was already reflected here...I have heard reports that the Gmini 220 is solid and works well....but I have also heard that the sound quality out of the headphone-out is substantially inferior to the "classic" archos units, as well as the competitor's.

I was on the verge of getting one as a backup/replacement to my recorder (which I don't ever plan to sell)...but the sound issue scared me off.
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It looks like I posted about a day too soon.

A new hardware issue just manifested itself on my V2 - the unit shorts out and turns off if the case is pressed in the wrong place. It turned itself off in my pocket at the gym a couple of times yesterday.

I was on the last day of my Amazon return window, and didn't want to take the chance with Archos service. Amazon won't ship a second replacement, only refund the cost. So while I enjoyed my Archos when it worked, it looks like I'll be in the market for something else.
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If it's anything like the version 1's, there can be a weakness in certain solder points that can easily be remedied by yourself with the right info. Post your problem on the www.newmp3technology.net forum and you will get some guidance to get it working....or you can send it to newmp3technology to get repaired by Mike (who is highly recommended by the archos community).
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That's too bad chazas. I hope nothing goes wrong with my player now! Let us know what you decide to get, unless you take wolfen68's advice and try to fix it.

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