Ipod MiniFlash Amp Questions / Build Challenge
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Feb 5, 2002
Hi all,

Let me start by saying I'm not very technical - I've been looking at the diy amps and trying to figure out if I have any chance at all of putting one together. Now with that in mind, and the surging popularity (or so it seems from posts here) of the ipod mini flash mod (which I am technical enough to accomplish and will probably do in a week or so) I had an idea for a mini specific item (though really it would work for all ipods):

Build into the body of a dead mini (or half of it) single unit that goes dock connector ----> cmoy (or other small amp) ----> lovely amplified headphone out. You could even use reuse the top panel of the dead mini for the headphone jack.

Can people tell me what the issues are (I know fitting batteries in might be a challenge) and whether anyone is interesting in attempting it or helping me do it? Can the electronics be standardized to work for all ipods?


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