iPod Docking Speakers under $200?
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Jan 22, 2009
whats the best solution for that price? im looking for speakers with a dock, and an aux for my laptop input or other MP3's should i decide to switch out of apples stuff. looks are somewhat important, but its mainly for my bedroom. sound is my most important thing. right now, i have the creative itrigue 3200 stuff, dont like it at all. B&W zeppelin is wayy too expensive, jamo i300? i listen to r&b/hiphop the most, some classics and pop, very little classical. thanks ahead of time.

O and my device is an iPhone, so i hope the dock will accomodate that too.
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Originally Posted by iriverdude /img/forum/go_quote.gif
You're joking right? I think one of the big speaker makers made a ipod dock/speaker system.

You are talking about my post? If yes - no i am not joking ..
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i think i want the jamo i300. klipsche should be nothing short of quality and jamo is owned by them. however, its discontinued and im having a very hard time finding black i300. the white unit is available on ebay for like $230 BiN but with live.com cashback for 8% cashback its good.

the other options are pretty much ugly and have not as classy looks.

if this is what youre talking about, i dont see any docking systems.
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I did a lot of research when I was looking for a good speaker dock. First off check at Ilounge for good reviews, they are pretty handy.

My budget I decided was not as high as yours, so I was being frugal but smart. Looked all over and I found my winner was the Athena Ivoice. Sadly its hard to get it now, you can find them on ebay for around 50-70 dollars, but they seem to be ones missing stuff. When I got mine I got it on amazon from a dealer who was selling them 50 dollars new free s/h last year (sorry that doesn't help you). It sounds very nice for its size. The other good Dock I read about but couldnt get myself was the Altec Lansing IM600. Ive however not heard it so I cant vouch for it. I just know it was always being bid on and had high reviews at ilounge, as did my Athena.

BTW my suggestions are probably outdated, and I think you were looking for something bigger, but I decided to chime in for my first post here.
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if i throw in a little extra cash and buy a set of klipsch promedia ultra 5.1s and use the iphone dock that came with the 2g, how would that sound compared to the jamo i300s or the rest of the stuff for ipods?

i guess id like the speakers to be compatible with my laptop should i ever decide to plug that on and use it. so either 3.5mm jack or the red and white component LR stuff would work. ive also got a tv without dedicated speakers so that might go on it as well. the klipsch reviews sound amazing and im beginning to lean towards that. with a set in good condition on ebay for $300 buyitnow, it doesnt sound too expensive.

$239 british pounds is like $400 usd? why would anyone spend that cash on the samson?
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I've never heard the Jamo, and i've only used the much older promedia 4.1's.

My guess is the same ballpark quality-wise, depending on which sound signature you preferred. I really liked my promedias while I had them.

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